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Build #211 (Feb 16, 2015, 9:16:19 PM)

  1. Revert RSE feature versions to 3.7 (details)
  2. Terminal: Clean out terminal feature structure (details)
  3. Terminal: Clean out terminal feature structure (details)
  4. RSE: Fix reference to terminal widget feature (details)
  5. Terminal: Remove remaining reference to deprecated local terminal (details)
  6. Findbugs: Ignore all of RSE for now (details)
  7. Findbugs: Ignore also all DStore plug-ins (details)
  8. Terminal: Fix findbugs warnings (details)
  9. Terminal: A terminal widget connector must not have a dependency to any (details)
  10. Terminal: Make terminal settings store more flexible to allow to store (details)
  11. Terminal: Fix build error (details)
  12. Terminal: Clean out ISettings API (details)
  13. Terminal: Revert commits 91db4b63c971b32ef2a505711dfb470387128225 and (details)

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