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  1. Update code to last version and add tests (detail)
  2. Update RCPTT Tests (detail)
  3. Add last modifications on Trace model. (detail)
  4. chore: remove unused src source folder. (detail)
  5. feat(Trace): Add ValueChangeEvent hierarchy. (detail)
  6. fix(design2analysis): Handle input/ouput pins altogether with (detail)
  7. chore: add gitignore (detail)
  8. chore: ignore all bin folders. (detail)
  9. chore: rename and reorganize some tests so as to have consistent (detail)
  10. fix(transformations): ensure resourceArtefact mapping is correct. (detail)
  11. chore(Nfp): Add tests for DataSize (in common with DurationImpl). (detail)
  12. chore: Remove empty TestCase. (detail)
  13. feat(Trace): Add HTML exporter of Slice. (detail)
  14. Update design diagram tools and add images for Show/Hide tools. (detail)
  15. feat(Trace): Add dialog to open html exported trace. (detail)
  16. chore(Trace): Add copyright header in Html Trace exporter project. (detail)
  17. chore(Trace): Add pom.xml to html exporter plugin. (detail)
  18. fix(Library): add diagram for the library. (detail)
  19. fix(Trace): code refactoring. (detail)
  20. Separate SoftwareResource and SchedulableResource mapping so that (detail)
  21. feat(Nfp): Add proposal for probabilistic analysis. (detail)
  22. feat(model): Add ResourceServiceExecution Step so as to describe (detail)
  23. fix(mode): update properties to align with MARTE. (detail)
  24. chore: Add some others representations to analyse meta-model. (detail)
  25. chore: Add some others representations to analyse meta-model. (detail)
  26. Improve BehaviorScenario coloration algorithm. (detail)
  27. feat(Model): Add watchdog capability. (detail)
  28. fix(NFP_Duration): add missing implementation in some factories. (detail)
  29. feat(Builder): update builders to create model with Watchdog. (detail)
  30. feat(Builder): update builders to create model with Watchdog. (detail)
  31. chore: ignore target folders. (detail)
  32. fix(builder): correct builder about watchdog. (detail)
  33. feat(builder): Add methods to set atomicity/preemptiveness. (detail)
  34. feat(builder): add EndToEndFlow constraint builder. (detail)
  35. feat(Mapping): add method to retrieve links with given source value. (detail)
  36. fix(Trace): proper HTML export of sub-sub-slices (detail)
  37. feat(Marte): Add operation EndToEndFlow.findStepsOnPath (detail)
  38. fix(Mapping): Handle different kind of URI serialization. (detail)
  39. feat(Model): add a simulation analyzer. (detail)
  40. chore: Add (detail)
  41. Update odesign for alarm and timers. (detail)
  42. feat(editor): Add popup menu to analyse a simulation (detail)
  43. chore(Nfp): add further tests to increase code coverage. (detail)
  44. Update sirius version for Time4Sys (4.1.3 instead of 4.1.1) (detail)
  45. Add ResourceServiceExcution default icon (to be changed later). (detail)
  46. Modify html export location (output was null with previous one). (detail)
  47. Build org.polarsys.time4sys.trace.html and include it in the feature. (detail)
  48. Add Duration and TimeInterval edition in Properties View. (detail)
  49. Add filter on port label expression. (detail)
  50. Remove deprecated analysis metamodel and references. (detail)
  51. Remove analysis tests. (detail)
  52. Remove dependencies to old analysis model. (detail)
  53. Remove deprecated dependencies in features and pom.xml. (detail)
  54. Remove activation of analysis.odesign during project creation and (detail)
  55. Change Time4Sys -> Result type from Design to EObject. (detail)
  56. feat(Trace): add export of the hiearchy of slices to Graphviz/Dot. (detail)
  57. Add images and mapping inverse links. (detail)
  58. feat(Trace): Add an exporter to LinkConet TimingGraphics(tm) (detail)
  59. Add missing test files. (detail)
  60. Integration of Nicolas Sordon contribution : Update Odesign (remove (detail)
  61. feat: Add allocation relationship (detail)
  62. chore(Gqam): update the document of the Step.priority property (detail)
  63. feat: On going refactoring to follow more closely MARTE (detail)
  64. Reintroduce odesign deleted by mistake, improved timing graphic export. (detail)
  65. chore: Regeneration of all codes after model refactoring. (detail)
  66. Remove a duplicated extension. (detail)
  67. Add unused analysis tool extension points. (detail)
  68. Update sirius update site for 4.1.6 version. (detail)
  69. Update plugin versions and add missing pom.xml (detail)
  70. Update releng and tests. (detail)
  71. fix(TimingGraphcis): Update to latest file format (detail)
  72. fix(odesign): use decorations helper (detail)
  73. Update Sirius version to Sirius 5 for Neon. (detail)
  74. chore(Documentation): Regenerate documentation (detail)
  75. Add common contribution to activity explorer. (detail)
  76. Use new version of amalgam activity explorer and eclipse neon release (detail)
  77. Update releng to build with neon. (detail)
  78. Move analysis tools plugin. (detail)
  79. Remove eclipse.rcp in feature. (detail)
  80. Update property views with Sirius 5. (detail)
  81. feat(Nfp): Add Duration.div(Duration, MathContext) (detail)
  82. feat(TimingGraphics): Export diagram for load (detail)
  83. feat(Nfp): Add DataTxRate and its unit (detail)
  84. feat(Model): Add Simulation.seed property (detail)
  85. chore(Trace Analysis): install a test checking single trace analysis (detail)
  86. fix(TimingGraphics): fix exporter for empty pie item (detail)
  87. feat(TimingGraphics): better integration with Timing Graphics plugin (detail)
  88. fix(model): Enhance TraceBuilder (detail)
  89. fix(Trace): Add methods to get only events of a kind. (detail)
  90. feat(Model): introduce helper to trace workload demand size (detail)
  91. feat(Model): introduce helper to trace workload demand size (detail)
  92. Restore Communication Channel in diagram. (detail)
  93. Add Communication Layer to create Communication Media and Communication (detail)
  94. Add tools to add copy cut delete and rename element in model explorer. (detail)
  95. feat(trace): Add a CSV exporter of execution time (detail)
  96. fix(model): strenghen the simulation analyzer (detail)
  97. Change mapping and tools to handle Software Resource and add navigator (detail)
  98. Remove unused dependencies to linkconnect plugin. (detail)
  99. Update pom.xml of navigator plugin to reference the parent pom. (detail)
  100. Change version of navigator plugin. (detail)
  101. Add missing plugins in pom and in features. (detail)
  102. Add pom for exectime plugin and wip on validation. (detail)
  103. chore(trace): remove explicit versions of trace.exectime (detail)
  104. Remove unnecessary code. (detail)
  105. Remove Sirius Specifier. (detail)
  106. Add sam plugins in time4sys feature. (detail)
  107. Add annotations plugins in feature. (detail)
  108. Remove deprecated analysis contextual explorer plugin from feature. (detail)
  109. chore(trace): remove explicit versionning (detail)
  110. feat(Nfp): add DataSize and TxDataRate concepts (detail)
  111. feat(gqam): Introduce ObjectNode (detail)
  112. fix(gqam): generate code for ObjectNode introduction (detail)
  113. chore(gqam): Update precedence diagram (detail)
  114. feat(sam): Add flow chain constraint (detail)
  115. chore(docs): Add SAM class diagram (detail)
  116. Replace Sirius 5.1.0 (removed by Sirius) by the last 5.1.1 release. (detail)
  117. Remove deprecated EEF parts since its integrated in odesign. (detail)
  118. Remove src-gen from (detail)
  119. Add EndToEndFlow creation and path calculated thanks to involved (detail)
  120. Update odesign properties view and double click wizard. (detail)
  121. Add Analysis page to open transformed design models. (detail)
  122. chore: remove old SAM tests plugin (detail)
  123. chore(tests): remove AllTests tests suites (detail)
  124. chore(Design): Add a test for DesignModel creation (detail)
  125. chore(SAM): correct version (detail)
  126. chore(tests): Deactivate unused tests (detail)
  127. chore(tests): Do not fail on empty test case (detail)
  128. chore(maven): Set platform source encoding (detail)
  129. chore(model): typo in menu (detail)
  130. Add delay in palette and in editor and update splash screen with (detail)
  131. Remove unused dependencies. (detail)
  132. Add splashscreen to build. (detail)
  133. Remove delay mapping to include it in Step mapping. (detail)
  134. chore: remove old files that shall no longer exists (detail)
  135. feat(Grm): Add Table Driven Schedule Configuration (detail)
  136. feat(Nfp): Add cyclic kind of Duration value (detail)
  137. fix(builder): Generate proper SecondaryScheduler for Arinc653 (detail)
  138. fix(transformations): Update RemoveAndReplaceDeprecated transformation (detail)
  139. fix(builder): Fix deadline retrieval (detail)
  140. Add EndToEndFlow diagram to edit your end to end flows. (detail)
  141. feat(builder): Add a Posix Sporadic Server builder (detail)
  142. feat(builder): Add ARINC653 Spare task Identification (detail)
  143. [2000] Links between steps creation and deletion behavior has been (detail)
  144. fix(builder): Use wcet as initialBudget for a AINC653 MIF (detail)
  145. fix(builder): Add Annotation on Arinc-653 partition (detail)
  146. fix(builder): Arinc-653 annotations, and otehr activations pattern (detail)
  147. Update Event to step edge color when they are part of an End To End (detail)
  148. Add references in properties view and a tool to create a new reference (detail)
  149. feat(builder): add References and PSS Order (detail)
  150. fix(builder): Add an assertion about SecondaryScheduler (detail)
  151. fix(builder): Set scheduler host (detail)
  152. fix(builder): Retrieve Design from Task if existing (detail)
  153. [2009] Remove arrow at the source of control relation. (detail)
  154. feat(transform): Add a priority inversion transformation (detail)
  155. fix(transform): Support PSS priority inversion (detail)
  156. fix(transform): Support PSS order attribute (detail)
  157. fix(transform): Proper link rationale for PriorityUrgencyInverter (detail)
  158. feat(builder): add method to mark a Task as spare (detail)
  159. feat(transform): Install a Task Duplicator transformation (detail)
  160. chore(transform): add another unit-test for TaskDuplicator (detail)
  161. Add splashscreen and branding for Time4sys product. (detail)
  162. Replace splashscreen image and remove unused dependencies. (detail)
  163. Update build. (detail)
  164. feat(builder): Add Emmanuel' sample builder (detail)
  165. feat(transform): Add Activation Propagation Transformation (detail)
  166. Add images for Time4sys concept. (detail)
  167. fix(transform): Update deadline while propagating activation (detail)
  168. Update Time4sys target for developers using Capella Studio. (detail)
  169. fix(transform): Handle Arinc653 cases for TaskDuplicator and (detail)
  170. fix(builder): Add method to mark a step as Spare Task (detail)
  171. Update docs with new images. (detail)
  172. fix(transform): Test that transformation has a name (detail)
  173. Update odesign. (detail)
  174. feat(transform): Add a TaskSplitter transformation (detail)
  175. fix(transform): fix TaskSplitter when longer chain happen (detail)
  176. feat(mapping): Add method Link.getLinks(Context) (detail)
  177. feat(transform): Add index-based naming option to TaskSplitter (detail)
  178. feat(transform): Add Option for ActivationPropagation on first steps (detail)
  179. Update docs and build for Capella 1.2. (detail)
  180. Add analysis tools plugin. (detail)
  181. Add missing plugin for properties. (detail)
  182. feat(transform): Add configuration for PriorityInverter (detail)
  183. fix(builder): Load Time4Sys package (detail)
  184. feat(ui): Add contextual commands to transform design (detail)
  185. fix(transform): fix TaskSplitter and TaskDuplicator (detail)
  186. Update documentation. (detail)
  187. Add amalgam explorer activity and contextual explorer in update site. (detail)
  188. fix(ecore): Make some Grm class inherit from (E)ModelElement (detail)
  189. feat(transfo): make transformation adaptable (detail)
  190. fix(builder): Make Arinc653 builder more incremental (detail)
  191. feat(arinc653): Create plugin for all Arinc653 related UI (detail)
  192. (WIP) Update update site to be the same as product. (detail)
  193. fix(transfo): Fix non-reactive EMF editor when transforming (detail)
  194. feat(arinc653): install dedicated property section (detail)
  195. fix(Arinc653): Fix Arinc653 Platform properties (detail)
  196. fix(sirius): Add entries to create Arinc 653 platform and partition (detail)
  197. fix(sirius): Add Once event pattern (detail)
  198. fix(builder): create Arinc653 partition's secondary scheduler (detail)
  199. fix(sirius): Refactoring of MarteServices with EcoreUtil2 (detail)
  200. feat(sirius): Add Spare Step creation (detail)
  201. fix(builder): track partition's reference (detail)
  202. fix(sirius): Code Refactoring (detail)
  203. feat(sirius): Add Spare step (detail)
  204. fix(sirius): proper settings of scheduler (detail)
  205. fix(sirius): fix PSS multiple scheduling parameters creation (detail)
  206. feat(sirius): Add Arinc 653 Platform MIF and MAF properties (detail)
  207. Add a new update site independent from the product. This update site can (detail)
  208. Remove pom reference to a feature used for test. (detail)
  209. feat(sirius): Display PSS Order property (detail)
  210. chore(doc): Add help content for programmers (detail)
  211. Regenerate srm edit to be consistent with srm model. (detail)
  212. Add doc for Time4Sys product and update site installation. (detail)
  213. Update copyright and license for eclipse EPL v2.0. (detail)
  214. Update version of EPL in copyright. (detail)
  215. Keep only chanllenge analysis example for release. (detail)
  216. Rename license file to be consistent with build properties. (detail)
  217. Update bundle vendor ti Time4Sys Project for all plugins and features. (detail)
  218. Add missing (detail)
  219. Add ChallengeAnalysis sample model (detail)
  220. Add bundle vendor for launcher. (detail)
  221. Add result visualization image in doc. (detail)
  222. Remove duplicated reference name in properties view. Correct tools and (detail)

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