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  1. TCF Agent: add logging to the Disassembly service (details)
  2. TCF Agent: fixed compilation error: format '%llx' expects argument of type... (details)
  3. TCF Agent: improved handling of ARM hardware breakpoints (details)
  4. TCF Agent: added ARM CPSR bit fields (details)
  5. TCF Agent: improved detection of Thumb instructions in ARM code (details)
  6. TCF Agent: In OpenSSL 1.1.1, required DH key-length increased to 2048 bits (details)
  7. TCF Agent: added support for debugging 32-bit applications on 64-bit ARM Linux system (details)
  8. TCF Agent: fixed handling of mixed ARM/Thumb code with remote symbols server (details)
  9. TCF Agent: removed unused variable (details)
  10. TCF Agent: improved X86 disassembler (details)
  11. Bug 562593 - the tcf-server asserted if two shared libraries access the same exported variable (details)
  12. Bug 562856 - some relocation types does not support by TCF for riscv (details)
  13. Bug 563037 - Remove use of _WRS_VXWORKS_{MINOR, MAINT, SVCPK} (details)
  14. TCF Agent: improved X86 disassembler (details)
  15. TCF Agent: some cleanup of asynchronous IO code (details)
  16. TCF Agent: fixed: calling post_safe_event() for a "hidden" context can cause null pointer dereference (details)
  17. TCF Agent: ARM: don't use BKPT instruction - it is not supported by 32-bit Linux kernel (details)
  18. TCF Agent: new framework API functions: loc_vprintf(), tmp_vprintf() (details)
  19. TCF Agent: improved X86 disassembler (details)
  20. TCF Agent: fixed hardware breakpoints on ARM in Thumb mode (details)
  21. TCF Agent: reduced stack use in expression evaluation (details)
  22. TCF Agent: in case of multi-target agent, limit Linux breakpoints to Linux processes only (details)
  23. TCF Agent: gdb serial: added 'mon info' and 'mon help' commands (details)

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