1. Transpile to ES2017 (details)
  2. Upgrade Sprotty and Theia dependencies (details)
Commit c0c104730d025b9775fd476dcf382663c5474bb6 by Philip Langer
Transpile to ES2017

To align with Theia, we should also transpile to ES2017.
The file was modifiedconfigs/base.tsconfig.json (diff)
Commit 877f1aec58a0f3ac85947338d20b447b88177eb2 by Philip Langer
Upgrade Sprotty and Theia dependencies
The file was modifiedsrc/sprotty/theia-key-tool.ts (diff)
The file was modifiedsrc/theia/diagram-widget.ts (diff)
The file was modifiedyarn.lock (diff)