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Gerrit Triggers

This view shows all the Gerrit-triggered jobs, which are run whenever a patch is submitted on the Sirius Gerrit.

There are two types of jobs:

  1.*: ensures the patch compiles on all the target platforms supported for a given stream. This is relatively fast.
  2. sirius.gerrit.tests-*: executes a subset of our test suites on the reference platform for a given stream, and only on that one. This is much slower, even though the subsets we execute here are designed to stay under a ime budget of about 30 minutes.
   SNameLast SuccessLast FailureLast Duration 7 mo 26 days - #3391N/A7 min 13 secLast/current build console output 2 mo 25 days - #2887N/A14 minLast/current build console output 19 days - #2213N/A6 min 43 secLast/current build console output 
Disabledsirius.gerrit.tests-neon 7 mo 26 days - #2869N/A30 minLast/current build console output 
Disabledsirius.gerrit.tests-oxygen 19 days - #3883 19 days - #388138 minLast/current build console output 
Disabledsirius.gerrit.tests-photonN/A 4 mo 18 days - #1746 minLast/current build console output 
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