1. [575668] Clean old GMF actions bars (another time) (details)
Commit 6bff02680031fa53d79e1f425327fa11db4efeb0 by Laurent Redor
[575668] Clean old GMF actions bars (another time)

This commit fixes another bug concerning the actions provided in for the
"unused" old GMF actions bars. Some udpates were done on actions no
longer used (SiriusAutoSizeAction and
SiriusCopyAppearancePropertiesAction of this old GMF actions bars).
This problem has been dected during a performance analysis. There is no
real impact (except more calls to update methods).

This commit cleans these actions. It also changes the id of
SiriusCopyAppearancePropertiesAction that was created with a wrong id.

Bug: 575669
Cherry-picked-from: 575534
Change-Id: I9043c31e1345c9878add6f400c866fc80f6497df
Signed-off-by: Laurent Redor <>
(cherry picked from commit 3043f58658ea1c20a9a6666a122066d9dc11c09b)
The file was modifiedplugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/src-diag/org/eclipse/sirius/diagram/ui/tools/internal/actions/
The file was modifiedplugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/src-diag/org/eclipse/sirius/diagram/ui/part/