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  1. Refactored ObjectFactory. Merged create functions from main.js with (details)
  2. HtmlUI: add padding to menues without icon when there are menues with (details)
  3. Removed support to pass constructor-function to ObjectFactory#create. (details)
  4. table-filter: GroupBox now works offline - added more fields to (details)
  5. Added support for FormField.labelWidthInPixel. Improv. layout of (details)
  6. table-filter: dynamic title for filter-fields group box (details)
  7. table-filter: added numeric info about available and selected table (details)
  8. Added NullRemoteHandler for local objects to avoid that local objects (details)
  9. HtmlUi: Table footer info vanishes on columnStructureChange (details)
  10. HtmlUi: Table filter should work with model rows only (details)
  11. HtmlUi: Fixed filter animation for table and tree (details)
  12. HtmlUi: Make tree filter conform to table filter (details)
  13. Improved detection of nested jobs started within tests (details)
  14. Fixed label width (use default when value is 0) (details)
  15. Use constant (details)
  16. JettyServer: Write application URLs to log when server is ready (details)
  17. HtmlUI: OutlineMenuType.Title is now TreeMenuType.Header, because of (details)
  18. workaround animal-sniffer issue (details)
  19. Tasks bereinigt und neu zugewiesen (details)
  20. improved naming and logging (details)
  21. Deleted code to close popup-windows. Not required anymore since (details)
  22. HtmlUI: refactored handling of menu filtering (details)
  23. HtmlUi: Fix Table text filter for bean and html columns (details)
  24. HtmlUi: Add uiSortPossible to defaultValues (details)
  25. ObjectFactory now follows our singleton pattern. Must move initializaton (details)
  26. Renamed CRM ProcessAssistantTree to CompactTree and moved to Scout RT (details)
  27. HtmlUi: Fix specs (details)
  28. Renamed CheckBoxColumn to BooleanColumn, removed alias in (details)
  29. Fixed layout bug for TableHeaderMenuLayout (container to small) (details)
  30. added ProcessingException.getDisplayMessage() (details)
  31. changed method visibility (details)
  32. HtmlUI: fixed missing box-shadow on contextmenu when head is not visible (details)
  33. update to MM 1.7 (details)
  34. use Interface ConcurrentMap as variable type (details)

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