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  1. Fixed key-stroke problem in CalendarComponent. Since CalendarComponent (details)
  2. Added Jasmine-Spec for scout.Range (details)
  3. HtmlUI: subMenues with animations (details)
  4. HtmlUI: merged (details)
  5. HtmlUI: merged (details)
  6. HtmlUI: submenu fixes (details)
  7. Release threads waiting for a job to complete after transition into (details)
  8. Rename wizardStepAction -> stepAction (consistency) (details)
  9. HtmlUi: Correctly disable "step action" when progress field is disabled (details)
  10. HtmlUi: Improve style for disable steps in wizard progress field (details)
  11. Added attach/detach to Widget.js. Override _attach/_detach method in (details)

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