1. BinaryResource: Add missing properties to create(BinaryResource) method (details)
  2. Button: Fix keyStrokeScope after model adapter split (details)
  3. Rename remoteAdapter to modelAdapter (details)
  4. Avoid flickering on closing view tabs. (details)
Commit 58c3253a05fa5b39f86165dca2692eed6234fab0 by Ivan Motsch
BinaryResource: Add missing properties to create(BinaryResource) method

When using the copy-create() method, _all_ properties have to be copied
to the new instance. Otherwise, the "cacheAllowed" flag is lost when the
DynamicResourceLoader creates an alias for a resource.

Change-Id: Ia2ad3a9336e3fea8a989cd4266ff87daca130d07
Reviewed-on: https://git.eclipse.org/r/76721
Tested-by: Hudson CI
Reviewed-by: Ivan Motsch <ivan.motsch@bsiag.com>
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.platform/src/main/java/org/eclipse/scout/rt/platform/resource/BinaryResources.java
Commit 64c4b2c63ccacd4a59993c3bd45031e0fbd9c0c3 by Claudio Guglielmo
Button: Fix keyStrokeScope after model adapter split

KeyStrokeScope may not be an adapter/widget property due to following
1. The adapter properties are resolved at the initialization phase.
During that phase of the button the scope (form or another field) may
not be initialized and linked with the adapter yet. Even though
getModelAdapter(scope) would return the adapter, adapter.widget would be
2. The scope must not be linked with the button using setParent, the
button is NOT the parent. This would happen if a widget property was

Before splitting up model adapter and widget, getOrCreateAdapter was
used in the $bindTarget function. Replacing that with getOrCreateWidget
would probably work for the remote case, but not for the offline case
because getOrCreateWidget(adapterId) is not available for offline apps.

That is why the solution with the attach listener has been implemented.

Note: This commit also removed the setParent() call in
session.getOrCreateWidget(). Changing the parent is done by the widget
itself, there should be no need to do this somewhere else.
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/session/Session.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/form/fields/button/Button.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/session/ModelAdapter.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/form/fields/button/ButtonAdapter.js
Commit 1dca0a6c4b0c0b45ad162fdd15837606487a62c0 by Claudio Guglielmo
Rename remoteAdapter to modelAdapter

We decided not to rename the ModelAdapter to RemoteAdapter. Therefore
the existing remoteAdapter variable has to be renamed to modelAdapter
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/main/js/jasmine/JasmineScout.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/RemoteApp.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/form/FormMenuSpec.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/table/TableAdapterSpec.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/form/fields/button/ButtonAdapter.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/session/ModelAdapter.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/desktop/DesktopAdapter.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/form/fields/smartfield/SmartFieldSpec.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/desktop/DesktopAdapterSpec.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/session/ModelAdapterSpec.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/table/columns/ColumnSpec.js
Commit b68f76ef9a633ee78e79db4a6bc22bd4d9ad8b16 by Andreas Hoegger
Avoid flickering on closing view tabs.

Change-Id: I6d420ad6b802edee8fcf938a17be60079540867f
Reviewed-on: https://git.eclipse.org/r/80587
Tested-by: Hudson CI
Reviewed-by: Andreas Hoegger <Andreas.Hoegger@bsiag.com>
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/tabbox/SimpleTabBox.js