1. Improve overflow-menu-item styling (details)
  2. Tree is empty sometimes (details)
  3. Fix NumberColumnSpec in new Chrome (details)
Commit ce0a1f7b2b2125ba9520f0120b83fe5c319300e1 by ralf.muri
Improve overflow-menu-item styling
add min-width to ensure that the overflow-menu-item is correctly aligned
with other three-dot-menus on the form
Change-Id: I79eba936edd7b5b2495d8df71575a44b3a631b96 Signed-off-by: Ralf
Muri <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: CI Bot
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/menu/menubar/MenuBar.less
Commit c226151c702e9791dcbd4158305121e2b6c9035c by Claudio Guglielmo
Tree is empty sometimes
Problem: Filter nodes and remove filter again while the animation is
still running -> runningAnimations counter is greater than 0 which
blocks all upcoming renderViewport calls -> Tree can never be rendered
correctly again.
Reason: Show and hideNode increment the runningAnimations counter. This
counter is decremented when the animation completes. Unfortunately the
complete callback is not called when the animation is stopped using
stop() -> use stop(false, true) instead.
Also, the close animation was not visible because of the setVisible
And, the nodes had the wrong height when the filter was added again.
This happened because of the style reset code.
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/tree/TreeSpec.js
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/tree/Tree.js
Commit dd9dd14737c6ff94998623d4aefa29e850a91d01 by Claudio Guglielmo
Fix NumberColumnSpec in new Chrome
Chrome apparently now returns rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) instead of transparent.
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html.test/src/test/js/scout/table/columns/NumberColumnSpec.js