1. Fix for enter key-handling on IE11 (details)
Commit 73eaebf3ba9881e2de569c2ebea2ac653f0b9c59 by awe
Fix for enter key-handling on IE11
On IE11 the event.stopPropagation() was not executed because the popup
instance was already null. On other browsers the popup instance was !=
null. This is because we don't do CSS animations on IE11. When CSS
animations are enabled, the Widget removes the popup later with a
timeout when the animation is done.
With this fix, we check if the popup was open at the time the key has
been pressed and call stopPropogation no matter that the state of the
popup variable is.
The file was modifiedorg.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.html/src/main/js/scout/form/fields/smartfield2/ProposalField2.js