Build #81

Build ID to test, such as I20140821-0800 or M20140822-0800
3 digit stream being tested, such as 4.5.0 or 4.4.1
Branch, or hash, of 'ebuilder' to fetch to run the tests. (Essentially same branch or hash of aggregator used to produce the build).
Name of test suite (or test suite collection) to run. Collections: selectPerformance (a group of tests that complete in about 3 hours) otherPerformance (a small group of tests that either are not working, or take greater than one hour each). Individual Tests Suites, per collection: selectPerformance: antui compare coreresources coreruntime jdtdebug jdtui osgi pdeui swt teamcvs ua uiforms uiperformance uircp otherPerformance: equinoxp2ui pdeapitooling jdtcoreperf jdttext jdtuirefactoring