Build #183

The name (or, build id) of the build to rename and promote. Typically would be a value such as I20160530-2000 or M20160912-1000. It must match, of course, the name of the build on the build machine.
M1, M3, RC1, RC2 RC3 etc. (blank for final releases)
The bug that was used to "signoff" the checkpoint. If there are no unit test failures, this can be left blank. Otherwise a link is added to test page explaining that "failing unit tests have been investigated".
The name of the release stream, such as Neon, Oxygen, etc. It is used as "Labels" (not URLs) so should have first letter upper case.
Needs to be all three files of primary version for the release, such as 4.7.1 or 4.8.0.
This is the build type we are promoting TO. I-builds promote to 'S' until 'R'.