Established TCP socket on 46958 Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Xmx2G -DforkCount=1 <===[JENKINS REMOTING CAPACITY]===>channel started Executing Maven: -B -f /home/hudson/genie.rdf4j/.jenkins/jobs/rdf4j-pr-verify/workspace/pom.xml verify --batch-mode [INFO] Scanning for projects... [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Reactor Build Order: [INFO] [INFO] Eclipse RDF4J [pom] [INFO] RDF4J Core [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: util [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Model [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: SparqlBuilder [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - API [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - Languages [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - Datatypes [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - Binary [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - JSON-LD [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - N-Triples [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - Turtle [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - N3 (writer-only) [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - N-Quads [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - RDF/JSON [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - RDF/XML [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - TriX [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Rio - TriG [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query result IO [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Query result IO - API [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query result IO - binary [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query result IO - SPARQL/JSON [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query result IO - SPARQL/XML [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query result IO - plain text booleans [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query algebra [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Query algebra - model [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query parser [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Query parser - API [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query parser - SeRQL [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Sail [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Sail API [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Repository [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Repository - API [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: HTTP [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: HTTP protocol [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: HTTP client [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query parser - SPARQL [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: SPARQL Repository [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query algebra - evaluation [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: SailRepository [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Repository - event (wrapper) [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: HTTPRepository [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Repository manager [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Sail base implementations [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: MemoryStore [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query algebra - GeoSPARQL [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Query Rendering [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: DatasetRepository (wrapper) [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Repository - context aware (wrapper) [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Sail Model [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: NativeStore [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Inferencer Sails [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Federation SAIL [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: SPIN [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: SPIN SAIL [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: SHACL [jar] [INFO] RDF4J Lucene Sail API [jar] [INFO] RDF4J Lucene Sail Index [jar] [INFO] RDF4J Lucene Sail Spin [jar] [INFO] RDF4J Solr Sail Index [jar] [INFO] RDF4J Elastic Search Sail Index [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Client Libraries [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Storage Libraries [pom] [INFO] RDF4J Tools [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: application configuration [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: Console [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: HTTP server - core [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: HTTP server [war] [INFO] RDF4J Workbench [war] [INFO] RDF4J: Runtime [pom] [INFO] RDF4J: Runtime - OSGi [bundle] [INFO] RDF4J : Test Suites [pom] [INFO] RDF4J Rio compliance test suite [jar] [INFO] RDF4J SPARQL compliance test suite [jar] [INFO] RDF4J SeRQL test suite [jar] [INFO] RDF4J SHACL compliance test suite [jar] [INFO] RDF4J Lucene Sail Tests [jar] [INFO] RDF4J GeoSPARQL compliance test suite [jar] [INFO] RDF4J: benchmarks [jar] [INFO] RDF4J BOM [pom] [INFO] [INFO] ----------------------< org.eclipse.rdf4j:rdf4j >----------------------- [INFO] Building Eclipse RDF4J 3.0.4-SNAPSHOT [1/82] [INFO] --------------------------------[ pom ]--------------------------------- [INFO] [INFO] --- buildnumber-maven-plugin:1.4:create (default) @ rdf4j --- [INFO] ShortRevision tag detected. The value is '7'. [INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd '/home/hudson/genie.rdf4j/.jenkins/jobs/rdf4j-pr-verify/workspace' && 'git' 'rev-parse' '--verify' '--short=7' 'HEAD' [INFO] Working directory: /home/hudson/genie.rdf4j/.jenkins/jobs/rdf4j-pr-verify/workspace [INFO] Storing buildNumber: 374dd68 at timestamp: 1576019018489 [WARNING] Cannot get the branch information from the git repository: Detecting the current branch failed: fatal: ref HEAD is not a symbolic ref [INFO] ShortRevision tag detected. The value is '7'. [INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd '/home/hudson/genie.rdf4j/.jenkins/jobs/rdf4j-pr-verify/workspace' && 'git' 'rev-parse' '--verify' '--short=7' 'HEAD' [INFO] Working directory: /home/hudson/genie.rdf4j/.jenkins/jobs/rdf4j-pr-verify/workspace [INFO] Storing buildScmBranch: UNKNOWN [INFO] [INFO] --- maven-enforcer-plugin:1.4.1:enforce (enforce-bytecode-version) @ rdf4j --- [INFO] Adding ignore: META-INF/**/module-info [INFO] [INFO] --- formatter-maven-plugin:2.8.1:validate (default) @ rdf4j --- [INFO] Using 'UTF-8' encoding to format source files. [INFO] Number of files to be formatted: 0 [INFO] [INFO] --- animal-sniffer-maven-plugin:1.16:check (default) @ rdf4j --- [INFO] Checking unresolved references to org.codehaus.mojo.signature:java18:1.0