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  1. Contribution of FedX: initial code migration + mvn build (commit: 2d771cd) (detail)
  2. Adjust license headers to RDF4J project template (commit: 04523b7) (detail)
  3. Add gitignore to exclude test generated files (commit: 8b5cc39) (detail)
  4. Use org.eclipse.rdf4j.federated as parent package (commit: a0a796d) (detail)
  5. Move test resource files to src/test/resources (commit: 9828dfe) (detail)
  6. Apply source formatter rules (commit: 5129a22) (detail)
  7. Integrate federation repository into RDFJ maven project (commit: f2fe89a) (detail)
  8. Reduce logging verbosity in federation tests (commit: 662c9f3) (detail)
  9. Resolve deprecated Repository#initialize method calls (commit: 6b3594c) (detail)
  10. Address review comments & make failing test more robust (commit: dbd2ad0) (detail)
  11. made init of test server platform-independent (commit: adf71fe) (detail)
  12. removed unnecessary assignment (commit: ee296a4) (detail)
  13. #1553: remove NativeStore extensions and replace with strategy (commit: 5346f78) (detail)
  14. #1553: make sail strategy package private (commit: 376e77d) (detail)
  15. #1553: adjust tests and finalize code (commit: e4971af) (detail)
  16. #1585: support inline definition of federation members (commit: 40ffe73) (detail)
  17. #1585: Adjust namespace in repository config to (commit: cd3cfb4) (detail)
  18. #1538: Remaining cleanup of fedx integration (commit: 38d62df) (detail)
  19. #1538: Remaining deprecated features and experimental code (commit: e9ea86e) (detail)
  20. #1621: inject RepositoryResolver into FedX repository (commit: 5658491) (detail)
  21. added missing dependency for repository-manager (commit: 26eb6dc) (detail)
  22. #1635: move repository initialization of FedX to FedXRepository#init (commit: 53e023c) (detail)
  23. #1635: introduce FederationContext to keep the state of the federation (commit: 22e6d39) (detail)
  24. #1635: inject FederationContext during evaluation (commit: 2c9b49b) (detail)
  25. #1635: apply EndpointManager from FederationContext (commit: e576aed) (detail)
  26. #1635: apply QueryManager from FederationContext (commit: 568a96e) (detail)
  27. #1635: Cleanup FederationManager (commit: 5943b45) (detail)
  28. #1635: Move federation initialization to FedXRepository (commit: 6892e54) (detail)
  29. #1635: Move initialization of Endpoint to FedX federation (commit: 17ad621) (detail)
  30. #1635: properly support external federated service resolvers (commit: f91eab1) (detail)
  31. #1635: Make FedX Sail inherit AbstractSail (commit: d5d77d4) (detail)
  32. #1635: Consistently name init methods in federation (commit: 137aeba) (detail)
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