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Module Builds

 Eclipse RDF4J (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Assembly (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: benchmarks (didn’t run)
 RDF4J BOM (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Client Libraries (didn’t run)
 RDF4J : Test Suites (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: application configuration (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Console (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Core (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Elasticsearch Sail Tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J GeoSPARQL compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J GeoSPARQL compliance test suite (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: HTTP (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: HTTP client (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: HTTP protocol (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: HTTP server (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: HTTP server - core (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Workbench (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Lucene Sail Tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Lucene Sail Spin (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Lucene Sail Tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Model (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Model compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query algebra (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query algebra - evaluation (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query algebra - GeoSPARQL (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query algebra - model (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query parser (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query parser - API (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query parser - SeRQL (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query parser - SPARQL (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query Rendering (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query result IO (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query result IO - API (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query result IO - binary (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Query Result IO compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query result IO - SPARQL/JSON (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query result IO - SPARQL/XML (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Query result IO - plain text booleans (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Repository (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Repository - API (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Repository compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Repository - context aware (wrapper) (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: DatasetRepository (wrapper) (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Repository - event (wrapper) (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: HTTPRepository (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Repository manager (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: SailRepository (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: SPARQL Repository (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - API (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - Binary (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Rio compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - Datatypes (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - JSON-LD (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - Languages (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - N3 (writer-only) (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - N-Quads (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - N-Triples (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - RDF/JSON (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - RDF/XML (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Rio compliance test suite (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - TriG (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - TriX (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Rio - Turtle (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Runtime (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Runtime - OSGi (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Sail (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Sail API (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Sail base implementations (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Elastic Search Sail Index (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Elasticsearch Store (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Extensible Store (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Federation SAIL (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Inferencer Sails (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Lucene Sail Index (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Lucene Sail API (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: MemoryStore (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Sail Model (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: NativeStore (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Solr Sail Index (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: SPIN SAIL (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SeRQL query parser compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SeRQL test suite (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: SHACL (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SHACL compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SHACL compliance test suite (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Solr Sail Tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SPARQL query parser compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SPARQL compliance test suite (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: SparqlBuilder (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: SPIN (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Storage Libraries (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SAIL and Repository compliance test (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SAIL and Repository API compliance test suite (didn’t run)
 RDF4J : Test Suites (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Tools (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: Federation (didn’t run)
 RDF4J: util (didn’t run)