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PR #1523: ConcurrentModificationExcep...
  1. GH-1687 Fix NPE when calling Expressions.bnode().getQueryString() (#1696) (commit: c44d694) (details / githubweb)
  2. #1702 modify test to use executor service instead of parallel streams (#1703) (commit: b1ed67b) (details / githubweb)
  3. formatting (commit: 0b03ae1) (details / githubweb)

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Not built Eclipse RDF4J10 ms
 RDF4J: Assembly (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J: benchmarks5.2 sec
Not built RDF4J BOM10 ms
Success RDF4J: Client Libraries1.6 sec
 RDF4J : Test Suites (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Compliance tests (didn’t run)
Not built RDF4J: application configuration9 ms
Success RDF4J: Console9.3 sec
Not built RDF4J Core8 ms
 RDF4J Elasticsearch Sail Tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J GeoSPARQL compliance tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J GeoSPARQL compliance test suite2.7 sec
Not built RDF4J: HTTP10 ms
Success RDF4J: HTTP client15 sec
Success RDF4J: HTTP protocol9.4 sec
Success RDF4J: HTTP server13 sec
Success RDF4J: HTTP server - core7.9 sec
Success RDF4J Workbench11 sec
 RDF4J Lucene Sail Tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J Lucene Sail Spin10 sec
Success RDF4J Lucene Sail Tests7.4 sec
Success RDF4J: Model21 sec
 RDF4J Model compliance tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J: Query4.5 sec
Not built RDF4J: Query algebra8 ms
Success RDF4J: Query algebra - evaluation9.3 sec
Success RDF4J: Query algebra - GeoSPARQL8.6 sec
Success RDF4J: Query algebra - model5.6 sec
Not built RDF4J: Query parser9 ms
Success RDF4J: Query parser - API3.4 sec
Success RDF4J: Query parser - SeRQL4.5 sec
Success RDF4J: Query parser - SPARQL9.7 sec
Success RDF4J: Query Rendering4.5 sec
Not built RDF4J: Query result IO8 ms
Success RDF4J: Query result IO - API3.9 sec
Success RDF4J: Query result IO - binary3.6 sec
 RDF4J Query Result IO compliance tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J: Query result IO - SPARQL/JSON6.7 sec
Success RDF4J: Query result IO - SPARQL/XML4.1 sec
Success RDF4J: Query result IO - plain text booleans4.3 sec
Not built RDF4J: Repository11 ms
Success RDF4J: Repository - API13 sec
 RDF4J Repository compliance tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J: Repository - context aware (wrapper)3.8 sec
Success RDF4J: DatasetRepository (wrapper)4 sec
Success RDF4J: Repository - event (wrapper)3.5 sec
Success RDF4J: HTTPRepository2.4 sec
Success RDF4J: Repository manager6.5 sec
Success RDF4J: SailRepository4.7 sec
Success RDF4J: SPARQL Repository4.3 sec
Not built RDF4J: Rio9 ms
Success RDF4J: Rio - API5.9 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - Binary4.3 sec
 RDF4J Rio compliance tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J: Rio - Datatypes4 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - JSON-LD6.5 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - Languages2 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - N3 (writer-only)2.1 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - N-Quads5.4 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - N-Triples5.5 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - RDF/JSON4.7 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - RDF/XML9.7 sec
Success RDF4J Rio compliance test suite4.2 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - TriG6.2 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - TriX3.8 sec
Success RDF4J: Rio - Turtle6.2 sec
Success RDF4J: Runtime2.6 sec
Success RDF4J: Runtime - OSGi5.6 sec
Not built RDF4J: Sail11 ms
Success RDF4J: Sail API10 sec
Success RDF4J: Sail base implementations21 sec
Success RDF4J Elastic Search Sail Index5.1 sec
 RDF4J Elasticsearch Store (didn’t run)
 RDF4J Extensible Store (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J: Federation SAIL28 sec
Success RDF4J: Inferencer Sails6 min 56 sec
Success RDF4J Lucene Sail Index10 sec
Success RDF4J Lucene Sail API4.8 sec
Success RDF4J: MemoryStore19 sec
Success RDF4J: Sail Model3.7 sec
Unstable RDF4J: NativeStore11 min
Success RDF4J Solr Sail Index7.4 sec
Success RDF4J: SPIN SAIL35 sec
 RDF4J SeRQL query parser compliance tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J SeRQL test suite2.6 sec
Success RDF4J: SHACL4 min 50 sec
 RDF4J SHACL compliance tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J SHACL compliance test suite2.7 sec
 RDF4J Solr Sail Tests (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SPARQL query parser compliance tests (didn’t run)
Success RDF4J SPARQL compliance test suite5.1 sec
Success RDF4J: SparqlBuilder5.3 sec
Success RDF4J: SPIN5.9 sec
Success RDF4J: Storage Libraries2.5 sec
 RDF4J SAIL and Repository compliance test (didn’t run)
 RDF4J SAIL and Repository API compliance test suite (didn’t run)
Not built RDF4J : Test Suites9 ms
Not built RDF4J Tools10 ms
Success RDF4J: Federation1 min 13 sec
Not built RDF4J: util23 ms