Test Result : W3CApprovedSPARQL11QueryTest

0 failures (±0)
179 tests (±0)
Took 1.7 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
pp01 Simple path3 msPassed
pp02 Star path4 msPassed
pp03 Simple path with loop3 msPassed
pp06 Path with two graphs5 msPassed
pp07 Path with one graph3 msPassed
pp08 Reverse path3 msPassed
pp09 Reverse sequence path3 msPassed
pp10 Path with negation5 msPassed
pp11 Simple path and two paths to same target node28 msPassed
pp12 Variable length path and two paths to same target node3 msPassed
pp14 Star path over foaf:knows5 msPassed
pp16 Duplicate paths and cycles through foaf:knows*6 msPassed
pp21 Diamond -- :p+3 msPassed
pp23 Diamond, with tail -- :p+3 msPassed
pp25 Diamond, with loop -- :p+3 msPassed
pp28a Diamond, with loop -- :p/:p ?5 msPassed
pp30 Operator precedence 13 msPassed
pp31 Operator precedence 24 msPassed
pp32 Operator precedence 33 msPassed
pp33 Operator precedence 44 msPassed
pp34 Named Graph 15 msPassed
pp35 Named Graph 25 msPassed
pp36 Arbitrary path with bound endpoints3 msPassed
pp37 Nested * *4 msPassed
ABS 6 msPassed
AVG11 msPassed
AVG with GROUP BY11 msPassed
BNODE 32 msPassed
BNODE str 9 msPassed
CEIL 6 msPassed
COALESCE 5 msPassed
CONCAT 6 msPassed
CONCAT 251 msPassed
CONTAINS 5 msPassed
COUNT 193 msPassed
COUNT 28 msPassed
COUNT 313 msPassed
COUNT 45 msPassed
COUNT 55 msPassed
COUNT 65 msPassed
COUNT 75 msPassed
COUNT 8b58 msPassed
Calculate proper subset23 msPassed
Calculate which sets are subsets of others exclude A subsetOf A 16 msPassed
Calculate which sets are subsets of others include A subsetOf A 31 msPassed
Calculate which sets have the same elements17 msPassed
DAY 5 msPassed
Error in AVG35 msPassed
Exists with ground triple5 msPassed
Exists with one constant8 msPassed
Exists within graph pattern7 msPassed
Expression has undefined variable3 msPassed
Expression has variable that may be unbound3 msPassed
Expression is equality4 msPassed
Expression may return no value4 msPassed
Expression raise an error4 msPassed
FLOOR 6 msPassed
GROUP_CONCAT 114 msPassed
GROUP_CONCAT 28 msPassed
Group-134 msPassed
Group-34 msPassed
Group-44 msPassed
Group-54 msPassed
HOURS 6 msPassed
IF 5 msPassed
IF error propogation4 msPassed
IN 16 msPassed
IN 24 msPassed
IRI /URI 5 msPassed
Inline VALUES graph pattern4 msPassed
LCASE 6 msPassed
MAX8 msPassed
MAX with GROUP BY8 msPassed
MD5 6 msPassed
MD5 over Unicode data6 msPassed
MIN35 msPassed
MIN with GROUP BY9 msPassed
MINUTES 5 msPassed
MONTH 5 msPassed
Medical, temporal proximity by exclusion NOT EXISTS 5 msPassed
NOT IN 15 msPassed
NOT IN 24 msPassed
NOW 6 msPassed
Nested negative exists in positive exists6 msPassed
Nested positive exists14 msPassed
Positive EXISTS 132 msPassed
Positive EXISTS 25 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with OPTIONAL obj-var, 1 row7 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with 2 obj-vars, 1 row5 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with 2 obj-vars, 1 row with UNDEF6 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with 2 obj-vars, 2 rows with UNDEF7 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with obj-var, 1 row6 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with pred-var, 1 row5 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with subj-var, 1 row8 msPassed
Post-query VALUES with subj/obj-vars, 2 rows with UNDEF5 msPassed
Post-subquery VALUES35 msPassed
Protect from error in AVG11 msPassed
RAND 5 msPassed
REPLACE 5 msPassed
REPLACE with captured substring5 msPassed
REPLACE with overlapping pattern4 msPassed
ROUND 6 msPassed
Reuse a project expression variable in order by3 msPassed
Reuse a project expression variable in select3 msPassed
SAMPLE17 msPassed
SECONDS 6 msPassed
SHA1 6 msPassed
SHA1 on Unicode data4 msPassed
SHA256 6 msPassed
SHA256 on Unicode data4 msPassed
SHA512 7 msPassed
SHA512 on Unicode data4 msPassed
STRAFTER 4 msPassed
STRAFTER datatyping5 msPassed
STRBEFORE 4 msPassed
STRBEFORE datatyping5 msPassed
STRDT 11 msPassed
STRDT TypeErrors7 msPassed
STRDT STR 38 msPassed
STRENDS 6 msPassed
STRLANG 6 msPassed
STRLANG TypeErrors2 msPassed
STRLANG STR 5 msPassed
STRLEN 6 msPassed
STRSTARTS 6 msPassed
STRUUID pattern match4 msPassed
SUBSTR 2-argument 6 msPassed
SUBSTR 3-argument 7 msPassed
SUM8 msPassed
SUM with GROUP BY8 msPassed
Subsets by exclusion MINUS 7 msPassed
Subsets by exclusion NOT EXISTS 4 msPassed
Subtraction with MINUS from a fully bound minuend5 msPassed
Subtraction with MINUS from a partially bound minuend10 msPassed
TIMEZONE 6 msPassed
TZ 15 msPassed
UCASE 8 msPassed
UUID pattern match8 msPassed
YEAR 31 msPassed
bind01 - BIND8 msPassed
bind02 - BIND7 msPassed
bind03 - BIND6 msPassed
bind04 - BIND7 msPassed
bind05 - BIND5 msPassed
bind06 - BIND5 msPassed
bind07 - BIND8 msPassed
bind08 - BIND44 msPassed
bind10 - BIND scoping - Variable in filter not in scope5 msPassed
bind11 - BIND scoping - Variable in filter in scope5 msPassed
constructwhere01 - CONSTRUCT WHERE18 msPassed
constructwhere02 - CONSTRUCT WHERE6 msPassed
constructwhere03 - CONSTRUCT WHERE5 msPassed
constructwhere04 - CONSTRUCT WHERE3 msPassed
isNumeric 6 msPassed
jsonres01 - JSON Result Format39 msPassed
jsonres02 - JSON Result Format6 msPassed
jsonres03 - JSON Result Format4 msPassed
jsonres04 - JSON Result Format3 msPassed
plus-136 msPassed
plus-27 msPassed
sq01 - Subquery within graph pattern38 msPassed
sq02 - Subquery within graph pattern, graph variable is bound5 msPassed
sq03 - Subquery within graph pattern, graph variable is not bound3 msPassed
sq04 - Subquery within graph pattern, default graph does not apply7 msPassed
sq05 - Subquery within graph pattern, from named applies5 msPassed
sq06 - Subquery with graph pattern, from named applies5 msPassed
sq07 - Subquery with from 5 msPassed
sq08 - Subquery with aggregate6 msPassed
sq09 - Nested Subqueries5 msPassed
sq10 - Subquery with exists5 msPassed
sq11 - Subquery limit per resource8 msPassed
sq12 - Subquery in CONSTRUCT with built-ins4 msPassed
sq13 - Subqueries don't inject bindings7 msPassed
sq14 - limit by resource8 msPassed
tsv01 - TSV Result Format36 msPassed
tsv03 - TSV Result Format8 msPassed
tvs02 - TSV Result Format33 msPassed