Test Result : W3CApprovedSPARQL10QueryTest

0 failures (±0)
242 tests (±0)
Took 2.1 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
ASK-1 SPARQL XML results 7 msPassed
ASK-4 SPARQL XML results 4 msPassed
ASK-7 SPARQL XML results 4 msPassed
ASK-8 SPARQL XML results 30 msPassed
Addition4 msPassed
All: Distinct9 msPassed
All: No distinct12 msPassed
Basic - List 16 msPassed
Basic - List 27 msPassed
Basic - List 38 msPassed
Basic - List 48 msPassed
Basic - Prefix/Base 125 msPassed
Basic - Prefix/Base 26 msPassed
Basic - Prefix/Base 35 msPassed
Basic - Prefix/Base 45 msPassed
Basic - Prefix/Base 55 msPassed
Basic - Quotes 15 msPassed
Basic - Quotes 25 msPassed
Basic - Quotes 340 msPassed
Basic - Quotes 45 msPassed
Basic - Term 18 msPassed
Basic - Term 26 msPassed
Basic - Term 36 msPassed
Basic - Term 45 msPassed
Basic - Term 56 msPassed
Basic - Term 66 msPassed
Basic - Term 73 msPassed
Basic - Term 86 msPassed
Basic - Term 949 msPassed
Basic - Var 16 msPassed
Basic - Var 25 msPassed
Basic graph pattern - spoo5 msPassed
Builtin sort30 msPassed
Cast to xsd:boolean3 msPassed
Cast to xsd:dateTime4 msPassed
Cast to xsd:decimal4 msPassed
Cast to xsd:double3 msPassed
Cast to xsd:float4 msPassed
Cast to xsd:integer6 msPassed
Cast to xsd:string5 msPassed
Complex optional semantics: 17 msPassed
Complex optional semantics: 28 msPassed
Complex optional semantics: 39 msPassed
Complex optional semantics: 410 msPassed
Equality - 2 var - test equals24 msPassed
Equality - 2 var - test not equals 45 msPassed
Equality 1-15 msPassed
Equality 1-1 -- graph4 msPassed
Equality 1-24 msPassed
Equality 1-2 -- graph4 msPassed
Equality 1-35 msPassed
Equality 1-3 -- graph4 msPassed
Equality 1-44 msPassed
Equality 1-4 -- graph4 msPassed
Equality 1-55 msPassed
Equality 1-5 -- graph4 msPassed
Expression sort6 msPassed
Filter-nested - 112 msPassed
Filter-nested - 26 msPassed
Filter-placement - 14 msPassed
Filter-placement - 25 msPassed
Filter-placement - 35 msPassed
Filter-scope - 18 msPassed
Function sort4 msPassed
Greater-than or equals4 msPassed
Join operator with Graph and Union9 msPassed
Join operator with OPTs, BGPs, and UNIONs11 msPassed
Join scope - 16 msPassed
LangMatches-15 msPassed
LangMatches-24 msPassed
LangMatches-34 msPassed
LangMatches-43 msPassed
LangMatches-basic4 msPassed
Less-than or equals3 msPassed
Limit 17 msPassed
Limit 26 msPassed
Limit 34 msPassed
Limit 46 msPassed
Multiplication4 msPassed
Nested Optionals - 136 msPassed
Nested Optionals - 25 msPassed
Nodes: Distinct3 msPassed
Nodes: No distinct3 msPassed
Non-matching triple pattern51 msPassed
Numbers: Distinct5 msPassed
Numbers: No distinct6 msPassed
OPTIONAL - Inner FILTER with negative EBV for outer variables6 msPassed
OPTIONAL - Outer FILTER5 msPassed
OPTIONAL - Outer FILTER with BOUND36 msPassed
Offset 16 msPassed
Offset 26 msPassed
Offset 34 msPassed
Offset 45 msPassed
One optional clause5 msPassed
Opt: Distinct4 msPassed
Opt: No distinct4 msPassed
Optional-filter - 15 msPassed
Optional-filter - 2 filters5 msPassed
Optional-filter - scope of variable4 msPassed
Prefix name 19 msPassed
SELECT REDUCED ?x with strings28 msPassed
Slice 14 msPassed
Slice 24 msPassed
Slice 35 msPassed
Slice 44 msPassed
Slice 54 msPassed
Strings: Distinct6 msPassed
Strings: No distinct6 msPassed
Subtraction5 msPassed
Test 'boolean effective value' - &&4 msPassed
Test 'boolean effective value' - false4 msPassed
Test 'boolean effective value' - optional4 msPassed
Test 'boolean effective value' - true26 msPassed
Test 'boolean effective value' - unknown types5 msPassed
Test 'boolean effective value' - ||4 msPassed
Test literal 'true'4 msPassed
Two optional clauses5 msPassed
Unary Minus4 msPassed
Unary Plusn24 msPassed
Union is not optional5 msPassed
dataset-014 msPassed
dataset-0233 msPassed
dataset-034 msPassed
dataset-042 msPassed
dataset-055 msPassed
dataset-064 msPassed
dataset-075 msPassed
dataset-0815 msPassed
dataset-09b6 msPassed
dataset-10b5 msPassed
dataset-1113 msPassed
dataset-12b14 msPassed
datatype-15 msPassed
datatype-2 : Literals with a datatype4 msPassed
datatype-3 : Literals with a datatype of xsd:string4 msPassed
date-23 msPassed
date-311 msPassed
date-47 msPassed
dawg-bnode-coreference37 msPassed
dawg-bound-query-0013 msPassed
dawg-construct-identity19 msPassed
dawg-construct-optional5 msPassed
dawg-construct-reification-17 msPassed
dawg-construct-reification-27 msPassed
dawg-construct-subgraph6 msPassed
dawg-triple-pattern-00127 msPassed
dawg-triple-pattern-0026 msPassed
dawg-triple-pattern-0035 msPassed
dawg-triple-pattern-0047 msPassed
graph-014 msPassed
graph-023 msPassed
graph-035 msPassed
graph-042 msPassed
graph-055 msPassed
graph-065 msPassed
graph-077 msPassed
graph-086 msPassed
graph-094 msPassed
graph-10b5 msPassed
graph-1113 msPassed
isBlank-14 msPassed
isIRI-14 msPassed
isLiteral5 msPassed
isURI-126 msPassed
kanji-017 msPassed
kanji-0228 msPassed
lang-1 : Literals with a lang tag of some kind5 msPassed
lang-2 : Literals with a lang tag of ''4 msPassed
lang-3 : Graph matching with lang tag being a different case4 msPassed
lang-case-insensitive-eq4 msPassed
lang-case-insensitive-ne3 msPassed
normalization-016 msPassed
normalization-024 msPassed
normalization-033 msPassed
open-cmp-017 msPassed
open-cmp-026 msPassed
open-eq-0135 msPassed
open-eq-028 msPassed
open-eq-038 msPassed
open-eq-047 msPassed
open-eq-056 msPassed
open-eq-067 msPassed
open-eq-0717 msPassed
open-eq-0859 msPassed
open-eq-0910 msPassed
open-eq-1026 msPassed
open-eq-1119 msPassed
open-eq-1244 msPassed
regex-query-0014 msPassed
regex-query-0026 msPassed
regex-query-00310 msPassed
regex-query-0044 msPassed
sameTerm-eq10 msPassed
sameTerm-not-eq22 msPassed
sameTerm-simple15 msPassed
sort-138 msPassed
sort-105 msPassed
sort-26 msPassed
sort-37 msPassed
sort-49 msPassed
sort-510 msPassed
sort-65 msPassed
sort-78 msPassed
sort-88 msPassed
sort-97 msPassed
str-15 msPassed
str-24 msPassed
str-34 msPassed
str-44 msPassed
tP-byte-short5 msPassed
tP-byte-short-fail33 msPassed
tP-decimal-decimal6 msPassed
tP-double-decimal6 msPassed
tP-double-decimal-fail10 msPassed
tP-double-double40 msPassed
tP-double-float7 msPassed
tP-double-float-fail6 msPassed
tP-float-decimal6 msPassed
tP-float-decimal-fail5 msPassed
tP-float-float6 msPassed
tP-int-short35 msPassed
tP-integer-short7 msPassed
tP-long-short5 msPassed
tP-negativeInteger-short6 msPassed
tP-nonNegativeInteger-short6 msPassed
tP-nonPositiveInteger-short5 msPassed
tP-positiveInteger-short7 msPassed
tP-short-byte-fail5 msPassed
tP-short-decimal6 msPassed
tP-short-double5 msPassed
tP-short-float4 msPassed
tP-short-int-fail5 msPassed
tP-short-long-fail6 msPassed
tP-short-short6 msPassed
tP-short-short-fail5 msPassed
tP-unsignedByte-short5 msPassed
tP-unsignedInt-short5 msPassed
tP-unsignedLong-short5 msPassed
tP-unsignedShort-short6 msPassed