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  1. [Releng] Update POM dependencies for Mars RC4 (details)
  2. Partial mapping for template binding (details)
  3. Added a library element lookup cache. (details)
  4. Bug 469630 - Must add named style change listener to Edit Part. (details)
  5. [Releng - StereotypeDisplay] Add the StereotypeDisplay Table to the (details)
  6. [Releng] Fix integration of the StereotypeDisplay Table (details)
  7. [Releng] Add missing icon to the StereotypeDisplay plug-in (details)
  8. [Releng] Add an explicit dependency from to the (details)
  9. [Activity Diagram] Child Node managed tests failed M7 Tests (details)
  10. Fix Diagram Definition Feature included plugins (details)
  11. 442157: [LinksLF] Improved links routing, anchors & bevdpoints behavior (details)
  12. [Releng] Fix P2 update site for Diagram Definition (details)
  13. Some fix and some change on master for advance Appearance property View. (details)
  14. Bug 469073: [All Diagrams] XY-Compartment scroll should respect snap to (details)
  15. Bug 442157: [LinkLF]: Allow to dynamically enable LinkLF mode for (details)
  16. [Releng] Fix (details)
  17. [Releng] Fix (details)
  18. 469841: [Performances - PropertiesView] Performance issue when trying to (details)
  19. 469850: [Activity Diagram] Size of the ReadSelfAction OutputPin is (details)
  20. [Releng] Update Tycho to 0.23 to hopefully solve signing issues (details)
  21. bug 469829: [Tree Table] Paste is broken in TreeTable (details)
  22. Bug 469830: [Profiles] Mars Regression - Do not rename selected/named (details)
  23. Bug 469830: [Test] Mars Regression - Do not rename selected/named (details)
  24. Papyrus/CDO documentation update (details)
  25. [Releng] Disable Pack200 (details)
  26. [Releng] Restore Pack200 and use Jarsigner 1.1.2 (details)

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