Project simrel.epp-tycho-build

This is the EPP package build job for Eclipse Simultaneous Release builds based on Tycho.

It uses the org.eclipse.epp.packages.git master branch and the current p2 repository at /staging/[Simrel version] as input.

It places the build results in EPP's staging. macOS artifacts are not notarized in staging and this can be identified with the -tonotarize suffix. Unstable builds are uploaded to staging, an Unstable build means that macOS Notarization failed, but otherwise the build is ok. macOS Notarization is flaky, and after three tries the build is uploaded anyway. For promoted builds one of the release steps is to notarize and packages that initially failed (identified by the .dmg-tonotarize extension).

Upstream Simrel staging site is built via this pipeline.

This project is currently disabled
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