FailedConsole Output

Started by remote host
[workspace] $ /usr/bin/env bash /tmp/

	[INFO] Working on: trainname: oxygen checkpoint: RC4

	[DEBUG] Who am I: genie.packaging
~/.hudson/jobs/epp-makeVisible/workspace/tools /jobs/genie.packaging/epp-makeVisible/workspace
From file:///gitroot/epp/org.eclipse.epp.packages
   8dc71ef..ad54b32  OXYGEN     -> origin/OXYGEN
Already up-to-date.

	[INFO] Elapsed seconds to pull: 2/jobs/genie.packaging/epp-makeVisible/workspace

	Arguments to utility were:
		TRAIN_NAME: oxygen

	[INFO] REPO_ROOT existed as expected:
	REPO_ROOT: /home/data/httpd/

	[ERROR] artifactsRC4.jar did not exist in REPO_ROOT!

	[ERROR] returned a non zero code. RC: 1
		Exiting early.
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