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  1. #399 - Make timeouts in tests configurable (commit: 60cdd11) (details)
  2. #399 - fix line size (commit: 6102f41) (details)
  3. #399 - drop TCKConfig CDI injection because of wiring complexity (commit: de1c56f) (details)
  4. #399 - drop TCKConfig CDI injection because of wiring complexity (commit: 072f9d2) (details)
  5. #399 - Configure timeouts on deployment (commit: f92fe80) (details)
  6. #399 - MP Config might not be available during testing. (commit: e83a2dd) (details)
  7. #399 - Additional config and ability to merge different assets (commit: 2ccb897) (details)
  8. #399 - timeout config (commit: d4d83e4) (details)
  9. #399 - use only one tck timeout config. Rename it for clarity. Move (commit: 18d1659) (details)
  10. test @Retry behavior with various exceptions in an inheritance hierarchy (commit: ca1e4ff) (details)
  11. Make Utils.handleResults() public (commit: 2bd08a5) (details)
  12. Fixes #451 (commit: 0b005eb) (details)
  13. Switch to using method on DisableConfigAsset to disable FT globally (commit: 84d82b5) (details)
  14. Fixes #454 (commit: bc887dc) (details)
  15. Add scope to beans to allow tests to pass in environments with implicit (commit: 395cb4e) (details)
  16. #399 - scale the margin (commit: e2aa65f) (details)
  17. IncompatibleFallbackPolicies should @Inject (commit: 835c7d0) (details)
  18. Make TCKConfig methods accept longs rather than ints (commit: 6f874a5) (details)
  19. Streamline adjusting annotation timeouts via config (commit: 629d34e) (details)
  20. Pass the TCKConfig to the test application (commit: 79fcb04) (details)
  21. Fix timeout config in CircuitBreakerRetryTest (commit: 186563d) (details)
  22. Fix timeout config in RetryTimeoutTest (commit: 4642116) (details)
  23. Fix timeout config in AsyncRetryClient (commit: 6dd2fb3) (details)
  24. Fix timeout config in Bulkhead and Timeout metric tests (commit: 2cb9ed2) (details)
  25. Test Historgrams using getValues rather than percentiles (commit: 28d3056) (details)
  26. Make CircuitBreakerClientWithSyncBulkhead Dependent (commit: 70cfcde) (details)
  27. Move the test exception hierarchy into a common package (commit: 7a3985c) (details)
  28. Add example to TCK running instructions (commit: eb5d486) (details)
  29. Remove the default timeout concept (commit: 026846c) (details)
  30. Fix indentation (commit: 1862584) (details)
  31. Remove typo (commit: 6303256) (details)
  32. Add CB exception hierarchy tests (commit: 09d9370) (details)
  33. #417 add tests on fallback skipOn and applyOn (commit: 504242f) (details)
  34. Removed references to config from TimeoutTest (commit: 5d4b0e8) (details)
  35. Improve timeouts in ConfigTest (commit: c959680) (details)
  36. Add timeout config to TimeoutUninterruptableTest (commit: 0dbfef9) (details)
  37. Remove strict timing check from testRestryWithNoDelayAndJitter (commit: 8cecc00) (details)
  38. Adding awaitility to the first refactor test is using a thread to wait (commit: 8793532) (details)
  39. First refactor of bulkhead test: (commit: dee41fd) (details)
  40. Indentation fix and some code improvements (commit: fff4590) (details)
  41. while loop removed replaced with await method (commit: 35a0b6a) (details)
  42. removing unused variable (commit: fbe6f3f) (details)
  43. review fixes (commit: 48b706f) (details)
  44. review fixes (commit: 9bdf7df) (details)
  45. Fix (commit: ec34671) (details)
  46. move from Java EE 8 to Jakarta EE 8 specification artifacts (commit: 8dc5b0f) (details)
  47. review fixes and copy right adjustments (commit: d56ed00) (details)
  48. review fixes and copy right adjustments (commit: fed1eeb) (details)
  49. relax the requirements on Future implementations (commit: f20115a) (details)
  50. #416 - executor for tests (commit: d8554c5) (details)
  51. #416 - executor for tests. Fix injection and test setup (commit: 16378e9) (details)
  52. fix the timeout metrics test (commit: afb09db) (details)
  53. Removed typo (commit: 67082b2) (details)
  54. Added TCK test for active request context during an asynchronous method (commit: 9ff6250) (details)
  55. Updated copyright year (commit: 05a8588) (details)
  56. #274 RequestScope context should be active on asynchrous method (commit: 0779b4f) (details)
  57. Add test for async bulkhead and completion stage (commit: 153c8fa) (details)
  58. #274 RequestScope context should be active on asynchrous method (commit: 9c8102c) (details)
  59. Add configuration tests for parameters new in 2.1 (commit: a74928c) (details)
  60. Added an additional test using CompletionStage (commit: 8c9f46b) (details)
  61. Add global config tests for new parameters (commit: 1e99724) (details)
  62. Revert "move from Java EE 8 to Jakarta EE 8 specification artifacts" (commit: f77cb7c) (details)
  63. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.1-RC1 (commit: d2d476e) (details)
  64. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: c40501b) (details)
  65. Use separate methods in CircuitBreaker tests (commit: b27296d) (details)
  66. Fix assertion messages in CircuitBreaker tests (commit: 95d0686) (details)
  67. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.1-RC2 (commit: 0c93d6f) (details)
  68. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: db33226) (details)
  69. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.1 (commit: 1694e7f) (details)
  70. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 33ac7c6) (details)
  71. add bean-defining annotations to beans in TCK (commit: 24097dc) (details)
  72. Made WAIT_TIMEOUT configurable using the baseMultiplier set in (commit: d0830a5) (details)
  73. Updated copyright header (commit: 9dda6b1) (details)
  74. Refactored instances of <h3> to <h2> (commit: b2b288c) (details)
  75. Added scaling with the TCKConfig baseMultiplier to (commit: a28ad69) (details)
  76. Updated copyright header and moved import location (commit: 743fdf7) (details)
  77. Added additional Future assertion (commit: a4555ff) (details)
  78. Revert "Revert "move from Java EE 8 to Jakarta EE 8 specification (commit: c6dafad) (details)
  79. Updated AllMetricsBean (commit: f1d14fc) (details)
  80. Updated copyright headers (commit: 01b017f) (details)
  81. Changed deployment method to use a .jar file packaged inside a .war (commit: 1330e10) (details)
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  1. microProfile-fault-tolerance-api Success#146Success#147 (detail)
  2. MicroProfile Fault Tolerance Success#139Success#147 (detail)
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