1. Bug 553183 - Add XML LS Extension Jar (details)
Commit f0b9b51afe07d4d8824002d6dfe04d4e3ee3c935 by aobuchow
Bug 553183 - Add XML LS Extension Jar
Test commit, do not merge.
Change-Id: I28ae7a5a6c5e9db6640a904b7220b9e3576795a4 Signed-off-by:
Andrew Obuchowicz <>
The file was addedorg.eclipse.m2e.xmlls.extension/plugin.xml
The file was
The file was modifiedpom.xml
The file was addedorg.eclipse.m2e.xmlls.extension/org.eclipse.lsp4xml.extensions.maven-0.9.1.jar
The file was addedorg.eclipse.m2e.xmlls.extension/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
The file was addedorg.eclipse.m2e.xmlls.extension/
The file was addedorg.eclipse.m2e.xmlls.extension/pom.xml