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[Thu Oct 29 22:29:00 EDT 2020] Starting branch indexing...
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No changes detected: master (still at 7b7ffd5827d628185d6576a432060cfd078298a2)

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No changes detected: PR-31 (still at 5c4d4ee8e26dcd3388229444dcd43ce3f774ae71+7b7ffd5827d628185d6576a432060cfd078298a2 (ebfb396db952ced7602e5f7eae6ef991cb438f05))

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No changes detected: PR-27 (still at 49abbf9efcfea74e0710a54cc668f54176767f7b+7b7ffd5827d628185d6576a432060cfd078298a2 (073e2d91cd407c732d650a6dc9c875c4677fa25c))

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[Thu Oct 29 22:29:04 EDT 2020] Finished branch indexing. Indexing took 3.8 sec
Finished: SUCCESS