Test Result : Scenario: D2 Device create sub-topic on CTRL_ACC_REPLY

2 failures , 2 skipped
9 tests
Took 7 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
And 1 second passed for message to arrive0 msPassed
And Mqtt Device is stoped0 msSkipped
And clients are disconnected0 msSkipped
And device account and user are created0 msPassed
And string "Hello broker" is published to topic "$EDC/acme/client-1/CONF-V1/REPLY/foo" with client "client-1"0 msPassed
Given Mqtt Device is started0 msPassed
Scenario: D2 Device create sub-topic on CTRL_ACC_REPLY4 msRegression
Then Broker receives string "Hello broker" on topic "$EDC/acme/client-1/CONF-V1/REPLY/foo"3 msRegression
When broker with clientId "client-1" and user "luise" and password "KeepCalm123." is listening on topic ""0 msPassed