Test Result : Scenario: Request a Keystore Item to a Device

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13 tests
Took 17 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
And Device is connected0 msPassed
And Device status is "CONNECTED"0 msPassed
And I get the KuraMock device0 msPassed
And I login as user with name "kapua-sys" and password "kapua-password"0 msPassed
And I logout0 msPassed
And I select account "kapua-sys"0 msPassed
And I wait 1 second0 msPassed
And Keystore Item is received0 msPassed
And Keystore Item matches expected0 msPassed
And Keystore Item with keystore id "HttpsKeystore" and alias "localhost" is requested0 msPassed
Given I start the Kura Mock0 msPassed
Scenario: Request a Keystore Item to a Device17 msPassed
Then KuraMock is disconnected0 msPassed