Test Result : Scenario: Birth and death message handling

0 failures
12 tests
Took 5 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
And A disconnect message from device "device_1"0 msPassed
And I configure the device registry service1 msPassed
And I configure user service0 msPassed
And I logout0 msPassed
And The type of the last event is "DEATH"0 msPassed
Given A birth message from device "device_1"0 msPassed
Given Account0 msPassed
Given User A0 msPassed
Scenario: Birth and death message handling4 msPassed
Then I find 2 device events0 msPassed
When I login as user with name "kapua-sys" and password "kapua-password"0 msPassed
When I search for events from device "device_1" in account "AccountA"0 msPassed