Test Result : Scenario: Finding all messages by selecting all metrics

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Test nameDurationStatus
And I count data messages for more metrics0 msPassed
And I get the KuraMock device0 msPassed
And I logout0 msPassed
And I refresh all indices0 msPassed
And I select account "kapua-sys"0 msPassed
And I set the database to device timestamp indexing0 msPassed
And I set the following metrics with messages from the list "TestMessages"0 msPassed
And I wait for 1 seconds0 msPassed
And No assertion error was thrown0 msPassed
Given I login as user with name "kapua-sys" and password "kapua-password"0 msPassed
Given I start the Kura Mock0 msPassed
Scenario: Finding all messages by selecting all metrics0.14 secPassed
Then Device status is "CONNECTED"0 msPassed
Then I count 10 data messages0 msPassed
Then I prepare a number of messages with the following details and remember the list as "TestMessages"0 msPassed
Then I store the messages from list "TestMessages" and remember the IDs as "StoredMessageIDs"0 msPassed
Then There are exactly 4 metrics in the list "AccountMetrics"0 msPassed
When Device is connected0 msPassed
When I create message query for following metrics0 msPassed
When I query for the current account metrics and store them as "AccountMetrics"0 msPassed