Test Result : Scenario: Installing a package

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Test nameDurationStatus
And My credentials are username "kapua-sys" and password "kapua-password"0 msPassed
And The broker URI is tcp://kapua-broker:kapua-password@localhost:18830 msPassed
And The download state changes to COMPLETED in the next 30 seconds0 msPassed
Given The account name is kapua-sys and the client ID is sim-10 msPassed
Scenario: Installing a package18 msPassed
Then Device sim-1 for account kapua-sys is registered after 5 seconds0 msPassed
Then Package "foo.bar" with version 1.2.3 is installed and has 10 mock bundles2 msPassed
Then The download state changes to IN_PROGRESS in the next 5 seconds0 msPassed
Then There must be no installed packages0 msPassed
When I fetch the package states0 msPassed
When I fetch the package states1 msPassed
When I start the simulator0 msPassed
When I start to download package "foo.bar" with version 1.2.3 from msPassed