Test Result : Scenario: D2 Device create sub-topic on CTRL_ACC_REPLY

0 failures
9 tests
Took 13 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
And I wait 1 second0 msFixed
And Mqtt Device is stoped0 msFixed
And clients are disconnected0 msFixed
And device account and user are created0 msFixed
And string "Hello broker" is published to topic "$EDC/acme/client-1/CONF-V1/REPLY/foo" with client "client-1"0 msFixed
Given Mqtt Device is started0 msFixed
Scenario: D2 Device create sub-topic on CTRL_ACC_REPLY13 msFixed
Then Broker receives string "Hello broker" on topic "$EDC/acme/client-1/CONF-V1/REPLY/foo"0 msFixed
When broker with clientId "client-1" and user "luise" and password "KeepCalm123." is listening on topic ""0 msFixed