Test Result : Scenario: Restarting job with Asset Write step

2 failures , 13 skipped
25 tests
Took 5 ms.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
And A new job target item2 msFailed
And A regular step creator with the name "TestStep" and the following properties0 msSkipped
And Device "is" connected0 msFixed
And I confirm the executed job is finished0 msSkipped
And I create a job with the name "TestJob"0 msFixed
And I create a new step entity from the existing creator0 msSkipped
And I get the KuraMock device0 msPassed
And I login as user with name "kapua-sys" and password "kapua-password"0 msPassed
And I logout0 msSkipped
And I query for the execution items for the current job0 msSkipped
And I query for the job with the name "TestJob"0 msSkipped
And I search for the last job target in the database0 msSkipped
And I wait 1 second0 msPassed
And I wait 1 seconds0 msFixed
And I wait 5 seconds0 msSkipped
And Search for step definition with the name "Asset Write"0 msSkipped
Given I start the Kura Mock0 msPassed
Scenario: Restarting job with Asset Write step2 msFailed
Then Device status is "CONNECTED"1 msFixed
Then Device status is "DISCONNECTED"0 msPassed
Then I confirm the step index is 0 and status is "PROCESS_FAILED"0 msSkipped
Then I count 10 msSkipped
Then No exception was thrown0 msSkipped
When I restart a job0 msSkipped
When KuraMock is disconnected0 msFixed