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Project soa-jwt-mars

Parametrized JWT update site build, signs the JARs and promotes the results to a target directory.

Generic properties:

  • Build is triggered automatically on SCM change (checked daily 6pm)
  • Build does currently NOT run JUnit tests
  • Build is aborted if stuck for 120 minutes
  • The generated update site artifact is archived

Specific properties:

  • JWT Version: 1.5.0
  • Build Environment: Mars
  • Java Version: 1.7
  • Hudson directory: /home/data/httpd/
  • Update site:

Build steps:

  • Clean Hudson workspace
  • Retrieve source code (svn+ssh://
  • Run Maven 3 (org.eclipse.jwt/releng/mvn-jwt-builder)
  • Download dependencies
  • Build plugins, features and update site
  • Signs the jars (eclipse-jarsigner-plugin)
  • Archive generated update site
  • Documentation of the build process:

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