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  1. Change feature brandings and add files (details)
  2. Update platform to 2019-09 (details)
  3. revert to tycho 1.4.0 (details)
  4. Version update to 8.0.2 (details)
  5. Fix problems in extension wizard (details)
  6. Fix for Bug Bug 558358 - Update eclipselink to 2.6.8 (details)
  7. Remove check for negative x and y coordinates during mouse movement (details)
  8. Add customizable wait after select in combobox (details)
  9. JUB-1933 - addOpens checkbox added and current stages polling fixed for (details)
  10. Update to newest stable orbit repository (details)
  11. Raise version number to 8.0.3 (details)

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