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  1. Add missing gitignore (details)
  2. Fix Problem with tool executable and add dropins folder support (details)
  3. Fix a problem with tool launcher (details)
  4. Fix missing vmargs for jubula.ini (details)
  5. Fix problems with datadir path in jubula tools (details)
  6. Raise version number to 7.0.1 (details)
  7. Fix for Bug 540863 (details)
  8. Add the possibility to use a service url for oracle databases (details)
  9. Fix generics warnings in DatabaseConnectionWizardPage (details)
  10. Fix problem with JunitTestSuites (details)
  11. Fix Nullpointer if switching databases with activated filter (details)
  12. Fix documentation mistake in embedded agent for api (details)
  13. Fix problem with execute external command (details)
  14. Add the possibilty to disable the mouse movement (details)
  15. Add removal of HTML text (details)
  16. Remove doubled code (details)
  17. Fix for Bug 543923 (details)
  18. implement Open reference handler (details)
  19. Fix for Bug 544377 (details)
  20. Fix for Bug 544379 (details)
  21. Fix documentation for keyboard mapping Bug 544379 (details)
  22. raise version to 7.0.2 (details)
  23. Fix problem with save in OME (details)
  24. Fix for Bug 545529 (details)
  25. Documentation for keyboard layout for API (details)
  26. Adjust version of client.api bundle due to added class (details)
  27. Update version to 7.0.3 (details)
  28. Update target repository (details)
  29. Use Staging repository for 06-M3 (details)
  30. Fix version number update to 7.0.3 (details)
  31. Fix for Bug 547865 (details)
  32. Workaround for Bug 548365 (details)
  33. Remove HTML Toolkit (details)
  34. Remove html unbound modules (details)
  35. Add needed update site for extension Wizard to documentation (details)
  36. Raise version to 8.0.0 (details)
  37. Use java 8 as execution environment (details)
  38. Use ssh and scp for publishing artifacts (details)
  39. publish sha for nightly update site (details)
  40. Fix mac autagent problems (details)
  41. Remove ALM Support (details)
  42. Raise example and unbound moduels to 8.8 (details)
  43. Update documentation (details)
  44. Update whats new (details)
  45. Update to newest orbit repository (details)
  46. Use Release orbit repository (details)
  47. Fix possible nullpointer (details)
  48. Fix for Bug 550755 (details)
  49. Add Workaround for JavaFx pulse not started (details)
  50. raise version to 8.0.1 (details)
  51. Add Branding information to features (details)
  52. Update to stable orbit repo (details)
  53. Update orbit dependencies (details)

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