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  1. Reusing same strings as constants (details)
  2. Fix for Bug 518498 - problems with execute external method (details)
  3. Fix Problem with Comments not displaying in the Properties Page (details)
  4. Fix some minor code warnings (details)
  5. Add KeyValue in Additional Informations (details)
  6. Ignore Check Errors which did occur in Conditions (details)
  7. Remove Unecessary class and fix checkstyle errors (details)
  8. Revert "Remove Unecessary class and fix checkstyle errors" (details)
  9. Remove unnecessary class (details)
  10. Remove TODO in code (details)
  11. Easier creation of new categories in the ObjectMapping Editor (details)
  12. Fix a display bug in the assign Object Mapping categories (details)
  13. OMAssoc and ComponentNames are now grey in the Assign OMC (details)
  14. The filtered Tree now reloads its last expansion status (details)
  15. Fix disposed problems in JBFilteredTrees (details)
  16. Use JBFiltered Tree in OM Category association dialog (details)
  17. Fix Problems with java 9 (details)
  18. Fix for API - connection to AUT is not possible after disconnect (details)
  19. Remove unnecessary import (details)
  20. Fix for checkTextwithCellSpec (details)
  21. Add option to easier modify and test RC extensions during development (details)
  22. Increase Version number to 7.0.0 (details)
  23. Fix version update problem (details)
  24. use Photon orbit repository and raise versions (details)
  25. Fix wrong error message and missing information in API (details)
  26. Fix UI problem with LogView (details)
  27. Fix problem with java 9 and TabPane (details)
  28. Fix for add new category handler active without an openend project (details)
  29. Fix issues with log entries (details)
  30. New unbound module version which matches current version (details)
  31. Fix Bug with ProblemPropagation during refresh project (details)
  32. Fix problem with scrolling in Swing (details)
  33. Fix problem with after drag freeze in rcp (details)
  34. Raise Version number of Samples Project (details)
  35. Increase minimal offset for post drag freeze (details)
  36. Fix problem with jumping JBTree in Replace all testcase (details)
  37. embedded agent for API (details)
  38. Added AUTStarthelper to autrun application (details)
  39. Fix feature and repository (details)
  40. Fix problem in repo (details)
  41. Fix Problem with testexec not having a registered AUTStartHelper (details)
  42. Fix problem with extension Wizard (details)
  43. Fix resizing problem for AutConfig dialog (details)
  44. Add console output after single export is finished (details)
  45. Using referenced Data Sets when using Jump to CTDS (details)
  46. Fix Table check Text at Mouse Position (details)
  47. Fix missing about.html in source bundle (details)
  48. Fix Problems with embedded Agent in OSGI environment (details)
  49. Fix Bug 539210 (details)
  50. Extension Wizard:Fix wrong adapter factory location (details)
  51. Remove HTML from API (details)
  52. Fix Warnings and java settings for some projects (details)
  53. Fix type warnings (details)
  54. Fix if saving to DB has exception that write to file is still executed (details)
  55. Upgrade to 2018-09 repositories (details)

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