Established TCP socket on 43559 Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Xmx2G <===[JENKINS REMOTING CAPACITY]===>channel started Executing Maven: -B -f /home/hudson/genie.jts/.jenkins/jobs/GeoTools-Master/workspace/pom.xml install [INFO] Scanning for projects... [WARNING] [WARNING] Some problems were encountered while building the effective model for org.geotools:gt-coverage:jar:20-SNAPSHOT [WARNING] 'dependencies.dependency.(groupId:artifactId:type:classifier)' must be unique: com.vividsolutions:jts-core:jar -> duplicate declaration of version (?) @ org.geotools:gt-coverage:[unknown-version], /home/hudson/genie.jts/.jenkins/jobs/GeoTools-Master/workspace/modules/library/coverage/pom.xml, line 130, column 17 [WARNING] [WARNING] It is highly recommended to fix these problems because they threaten the stability of your build. [WARNING] [WARNING] For this reason, future Maven versions might no longer support building such malformed projects. [WARNING] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Reactor Build Order: [INFO] [INFO] GeoTools [pom] [INFO] Build tools for Geotools 2 [pom] [INFO] Maven plugins for Geotools 2 [pom] [INFO] JAR files collector [maven-plugin] [INFO] Cross-modules javadoc [jar] [INFO] JJTree and JavaCC compilers plugin [maven-plugin] [INFO] Geotools modules [pom] [INFO] Geotools libraries [pom] [INFO] Open GIS Interfaces [jar] [INFO] Metadata [jar] [INFO] Sample data module [jar] [INFO] Referencing services [jar] [INFO] API interfaces [jar] [INFO] Geotools plugins [pom] [INFO] EPSG Authority Service using HSQL database [jar] [INFO] Main module [jar] [INFO] Geotools extensions [pom] [INFO] XML Parsing [pom] [INFO] XML Parsing [jar] [INFO] Feature Based Graphs and Networks [jar] [INFO] XML Code Generation Support [maven-plugin] [INFO] EPSG Authority Service using WKT file [jar] [INFO] OGC CQL to Filter parser [jar] [INFO] Grid Coverage module [jar] [INFO] DataStore Support [jar] [INFO] Property File DataStore [jar] [INFO] GeoTIFF grid coverage exchange module [jar] [INFO] JDBC DataStore Support [jar] [INFO] JDBC DataStore Plugins [pom] [INFO] H2 DataStore [jar] [INFO] Oracle DataStore [jar] [INFO] PostGIS DataStore [jar] [INFO] Shapefile module [jar] [INFO] Feature transforming feature source wrapper [jar] [INFO] WorldImage datasource module [jar] [INFO] imagemosaic datasource module [jar] [INFO] ArcGrid datasource module [jar] [INFO] GML2 XML Support [jar] [INFO] GML3 XML Support [jar] [INFO] Filter XML Support [jar] [INFO] SLD XML Support [jar] [INFO] Render [jar] [INFO] OGC Web Service Models [pom] [INFO] Xlink Model [jar] [INFO] Open Web Services Model [jar] [INFO] Filter Encoding Specification Model [jar] [INFO] Web Feature Service Model [jar] [INFO] OWS XML Support [jar] [INFO] Filter Encoding Specification XML Support [jar] [INFO] WFS XML Support [jar] [INFO] XML Parsing Support [jar] [INFO] Web Processing Service Model [jar] [INFO] Web Coverage Service Model [jar] [INFO] Catalog Services for the Web Model [jar] [INFO] Web Map Tile Service model [jar] [INFO] ArcSDE plugin [pom] [INFO] ArcSDE dummy api [jar] [INFO] ArcSDE support classes [jar] [INFO] ArcSDE DataStore plugin [jar] [INFO] Dynamic symbolizer module based on JFreeChart and Eastwood [jar] [INFO] Extensions to EPSG authority factory [jar] [INFO] EPSG Authority Service using PostgreSQL database [jar] [INFO] Feature-Pregeneralized [jar] [INFO] grass raster datasource module [jar] [INFO] GTopo30 datasource module [jar] [INFO] ImageI/O-Ext based grid coverage readers [jar] [INFO] imagepyramid datasource module [jar] [INFO] imagemosaic-jdbc module [jar] [INFO] DB2 DataStore [jar] [INFO] MySQL DataStore [jar] [INFO] SQL Server DataStore [jar] [INFO] SpatiaLite DataStore [jar] [INFO] Teradata DataStore [jar] [INFO] JP2K based grid coverage readers [jar] [INFO] OGR DataStore Module [pom] [INFO] Core OGR DataStore Module [jar] [INFO] Bridj OGR DataStore Module [jar] [INFO] JNI OGR DataStore Module [jar] [INFO] Vertical coordinate transformations [jar] [INFO] Dynamic symbolizers for SVG symbols [jar] [INFO] Coverage Multidimensional Module [pom] [INFO] API interfaces [jar] [INFO] NetCDF gridcoverage module [jar] [INFO] GRIB gridcoverage module [jar] [INFO] GeoPackage Module [jar] [INFO] Application Schema Support [pom] [INFO] Application Schema Resolver [jar] [INFO] Complex Features Support [jar] [INFO] Application Schema DataAccess [jar] [INFO] MongoDB DataStore [jar] [INFO] Sample DataAccess [jar] [INFO] Brewer module [jar] [INFO] Vector grids [jar] [INFO] Validation Processor and Framework [jar] [INFO] Web Map Server client [jar] [INFO] Geotools unsupported [pom] [INFO] Process [jar] [INFO] Swing widgets [jar] [INFO] Tile Client [jar] [INFO] WMTS XML Support [jar] [INFO] Web Map Tile Service Client [jar] [INFO] KML XML Support [jar] [INFO] WCS XML Support [jar] [INFO] WPS XML Support [jar] [INFO] WMS XML Support [jar] [INFO] CSW XML Support [jar] [INFO] Process Feature [jar] [INFO] Process Raster [jar] [INFO] YSLD Parser/Encoder [jar] [INFO] SWT widgets [jar] [INFO] GeoJSON Support [jar] [INFO] Process Geometry [jar] [INFO] MBTiles Module [jar] [INFO] WFS client module (NG) [jar] [INFO] [INFO] -----------------------< org.geotools:geotools >------------------------ [INFO] Building GeoTools 20-SNAPSHOT [1/114] [INFO] --------------------------------[ pom ]--------------------------------- [INFO] [INFO] --- git-commit-id-plugin:2.1.15:revision (default) @ geotools --- [INFO] [INFO] --- fmt-maven-plugin:2.4.0:format (default) @ geotools --- [warn] Source directory '/home/hudson/genie.jts/.jenkins/jobs/GeoTools-Master/workspace/src/main/java' does not exist, ignoring. [warn] Test source directory '/home/hudson/genie.jts/.jenkins/jobs/GeoTools-Master/workspace/src/test/java' does not exist, ignoring. [debug] Using AOSP style [INFO] Processed 0 files (0 reformatted). [INFO] [INFO] >>> maven-source-plugin:2.2.1:jar (attach-sources) > generate-sources @ geotools >>> [INFO] [INFO] --- git-commit-id-plugin:2.1.15:revision (default) @ geotools --- [WARNING] Failed to getClass for org.apache.maven.plugin.source.SourceJarMojo [INFO] [INFO] <<< maven-source-plugin:2.2.1:jar (attach-sources) < generate-sources @ geotools <<< [INFO] [INFO] [INFO] --- maven-source-plugin:2.2.1:jar (attach-sources) @ geotools --- [INFO] [INFO] --- maven-install-plugin:2.4:install (default-install) @ geotools --- [INFO] Installing /home/hudson/genie.jts/.jenkins/jobs/GeoTools-Master/workspace/pom.xml to /opt/public/hipp/homes/genie.jts/.m2/repository/org/geotools/geotools/20-SNAPSHOT/geotools-20-SNAPSHOT.pom [INFO] [INFO] --- maven-resources-plugin:2.6:copy-resources (copy-resources) @ geotools --- [INFO] Using 'UTF-8' encoding to copy filtered resources. [INFO] Copying 1 resource