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Module Builds

Success Application Schema Support0.51 sec
Success Application Schema Support (Unsupported Modules)0.51 sec
Success ArcSDE plugin0.55 sec
Success GeoTools Documentation10 sec
Success Geotools extensions0.54 sec
Success GeoTools4.1 sec
Success API interfaces4.6 sec
Success Application Schema DataAccess14 sec
Success Application Schema Resolver7.3 sec
Success ArcGrid datasource module5.1 sec
Success ArcSDE DataStore plugin9.6 sec
Success ArcSDE support classes6.8 sec
Success Brewer module4.7 sec
Success Dynamic symbolizer module based on JFreeChart and Eastwood5.3 sec
Success Complex Features Support4.4 sec
Success Grid Coverage module7.8 sec
Success API interfaces5.2 sec
Success Coverage Multidimensional Module0.54 sec
Success OGC CQL to Filter parser7.2 sec
Success Cartographic CSS parser6.3 sec
Success CSVDataStore3.2 sec
Success DataStore Support4 sec
Success Extensions to EPSG authority factory2.7 sec
Success EPSG Authority Service using HSQL database4.4 sec
Success EPSG Authority Factory for Oracle2.9 sec
Success EPSG Authority Service using PostgreSQL database2.1 sec
Success EPSG Authority Service using WKT file2.9 sec
Success Feature-Pregeneralized3.2 sec
Success Geobuf DataStore4.4 sec
Success GeoJSON Support3.8 sec
Success GeoJSON Datastore3.1 sec
Success Geometries6.9 sec
Success GeoPackage Module6 sec
Success GeoTIFF grid coverage exchange module3.8 sec
Success Feature Based Graphs and Networks4.6 sec
Success grass raster datasource module5.1 sec
Success GRIB gridcoverage module6.5 sec
Success Vector grids3.5 sec
Success GTopo30 datasource module4.2 sec
Success WorldImage datasource module3.5 sec
Success ImageI/O-Ext based grid coverage readers12 sec
Success imagemosaic datasource module7.9 sec
Success imagemosaic-jdbc module5.8 sec
Success imagepyramid datasource module5.8 sec
Success JDBC DataStore Support9.1 sec
Success Next Generation JDBC DataStores0.49 sec
Success JP2K based grid coverage readers6.1 sec
Success ISO 19107 implementation using JTS5.2 sec
Success Main module16 sec
Success Mapbox Styles Support9.7 sec
Success MBTiles Module5.5 sec
Success Metadata9.2 sec
Success MongoDB DataStore8.9 sec
Success NetCDF gridcoverage module21 sec
Success OGR DataStore Module0.51 sec
Success Bridj OGR DataStore Module7 sec
Success Core OGR DataStore Module3.5 sec
Success JNI OGR DataStore Module3.8 sec
Success Open GIS Interfaces10 sec
Success Process3.4 sec
Success Process Feature5.8 sec
Success Process Geometry3.4 sec
Success Process Raster5.1 sec
Success Property File DataStore3.3 sec
Success Referencing services15 sec
Success Vertical coordinate transformations2.8 sec
Success Render13 sec
Success gt-s3-geotiff4.9 sec
Success Sample data module3.4 sec
Success Sample DataAccess3.1 sec
Success ArcSDE dummy api2.1 sec
Success Simple Feature Service store7.2 sec
Success Shapefile module6.4 sec
Success SOLR module9.3 sec
Success Dynamic symbolizers for SVG symbols6.9 sec
Success Swing widgets7.4 sec
Success SWT widgets8.6 sec
Success Tile Client4 sec
Success Feature transforming feature source wrapper4.7 sec
Success Validation Processor and Framework5 sec
Success WFS client module (NG)6.9 sec
Success Web Map Server client6 sec
Success Web Map Tile Service Client6.8 sec
Success Web Processing Service4 sec
Success XML Parsing Support15 sec
Success YSLD Parser/Encoder7 sec
Success Geotools libraries0.54 sec
Success Geotools modules0.51 sec
Success OGC Web Service Models0.52 sec
Success Geotools plugins0.51 sec
Success Geotools unsupported0.51 sec
Success JDBC DataStore Plugins0.51 sec
Success DB2 DataStore3.5 sec
Success H2 DataStore3.3 sec
Success MySQL DataStore4 sec
Success Oracle DataStore7.8 sec
Success PostGIS DataStore4.2 sec
Success SpatiaLite DataStore6.4 sec
Success SQL Server DataStore4.3 sec
Success Teradata DataStore4.1 sec
Success Build tools for Geotools 20.53 sec
Success JAR files collector4.2 sec
Success Cross-modules javadoc2.7 sec
Success JJTree and JavaCC compilers plugin2.2 sec
Success Maven plugins for Geotools 20.53 sec
Success XML Code Generation Support3.4 sec
Success Catalog Services for the Web Model3.8 sec
Success Filter Encoding Specification Model3.8 sec
Success Open Web Services Model6.4 sec
Success Web Coverage Service Model8.2 sec
Success Web Feature Service Model6.4 sec
Success Web Map Tile Service model16 sec
Success Web Processing Service Model4.6 sec
Success Xlink Model2.3 sec
Success Aggregating DataStore3.4 sec
Success XML Parsing12 sec
Success CSW XML Support4.1 sec
Success Filter Encoding Specification XML Support4.4 sec
Success Filter XML Support5.5 sec
Success GML2 XML Support4.9 sec
Success GML3 XML Support11 sec
Success KML XML Support3.7 sec
Success OWS XML Support4.4 sec
Success SLD XML Support4.9 sec
Success WCS XML Support7.1 sec
Success WFS XML Support5 sec
Success WMS XML Support2.9 sec
Success WMTS XML Support3.6 sec
Success WPS XML Support3.6 sec
Success XML Parsing0.52 sec

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