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Revision: 3106d446504ae3d449043dd3524bd92187ba3041
  • origin/jts-1.15.0
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Module Builds

Not built Community Space1 ms
Not built GeoServer Extensions1 ms
Success GeoServer5.1 sec
 Catalog Services for the Web parent (didn’t run)
Not built GeoWebCache (GWC) Module1 ms
 GeoServer Data Importer (didn’t run)
Not built KML support for GeoServer1 ms
Failed Main Module1 min 51 sec
Success Open Web Service Module16 sec
Success Core Platform Module28 sec
 GeoServer Release Module (didn’t run)
Not built gs-rest1 ms
Not built gs-restconfig1 ms
Not built gs-restconfig-wcs1 ms
Not built gs-restconfig-wfs1 ms
Not built gs-restconfig-wms2 ms
Not built GeoServer Security Modules2 ms
Not built Web Coverage Service Module1 ms
Not built Web Coverage Service 1.0 Module1 ms
Not built Web Coverage Service 1.1 Module1 ms
Not built Web Coverage Service 2.0 Module2 ms
Not built Web Feature Service Module0 ms
Not built Web Map Service Module2 ms
 XLST based WFS output format (didn’t run)
Not built GeoServer Web Modules2 ms
 Catalog Services for the Web interfaces (didn’t run)
 Catalog Services for the Web core module (didn’t run)
 Catalog Services for the Web - Simple CatalogStore implementation (didn’t run)
 CSW UI Module (didn’t run)
 Application Schema Support (didn’t run)
 Application Schema Integration Test (didn’t run)
 ArcSDE DataStore Extension (didn’t run)
 Chart external graphics support (didn’t run)
 OWS request flow controller (didn’t run)
 GeoServer CSS Styling (didn’t run)
 DB2 DataStore Extension (didn’t run)
 DXF WFS output format and WPS PPIO (didn’t run)
 DXF WFS output format (didn’t run)
 DXF WPS PPIO (didn’t run)
 Excel Output Format (didn’t run)
 Feature Generalization Extension (didn’t run)
 ImageI/O-Ext GDAL Coverage Extension (didn’t run)
 GRIB Coverage Format (didn’t run)
 H2 DataStore Extension (didn’t run)
 ImageMap Output Format (didn’t run)
 Image Mosaic JDBC Extension (didn’t run)
 GeoServer INSPIRE Extensions (didn’t run)
 JP2K Coverage Extension (didn’t run)
 GeoServer libjpeg-turbo Module (didn’t run)
 MongoDB Data Store (didn’t run)
 GeoServer Monitor Extensions (didn’t run)
 Core Monitor Extension (didn’t run)
 MySQL DataStore Extension (didn’t run)
 NetCDF Coverage format (didn’t run)
 WCS NetCDF output Module (didn’t run)
 OGR parent (didn’t run)
 OGR CORE (didn’t run)
 OGR WFS (didn’t run)
 OGR WPS (didn’t run)
 Oracle DataStore Extension (didn’t run)
 Printing Module (didn’t run)
 GeoServer Layer Querying filter functions (didn’t run)
 Sample DataAccess Integration Test (didn’t run)
 GeoServer Security Extension Modules (didn’t run)
 SQL Server DataStore Extension (didn’t run)
 Teradata DataStore Extension (didn’t run)
 Vector Tiles (didn’t run)
 GeoServer WCS 2.0 Earth Observation Extensions (didn’t run)
 Web Coverage Service 2.0 Earth Observation extensions (didn’t run)
 GeoServer Security Extension Web Modules (didn’t run)
 Web Coverage Service 2.0 Earth Observation GUI extension (didn’t run)
 Web Processing Service GUI (didn’t run)
 Web Processing Service parent (didn’t run)
 Web process status sharing with Hazelcast (didn’t run)
 Web Processing Service Module (didn’t run)
 Ysld GeoServer Plugin (didn’t run)
 Importer Berkley DB Persistence Module (didn’t run)
 Importer Core Module (didn’t run)
 Importer REST Api Module-ng (didn’t run)
 Importer Web UI Module (didn’t run)
 GeoServer CAS Security Module (didn’t run)
Not built GeoServer JDBC Security Module1 ms
Not built GeoServer LDAP Security Module1 ms
Not built GeoServer Security Tests Module2 ms
 GeoServer CAS Security Web Module (didn’t run)
Not built GeoServer Web Application2 ms
Not built Core UI Module1 ms
Not built Demos Module0 ms
Not built GWC UI Module0 ms
Not built REST UI Module0 ms
Not built Security UI Modules1 ms
Not built Security UI Core Module2 ms
Not built Security UI JDBC Module1 ms
Not built Security UI LDAP Module1 ms
Not built WCS UI Module1 ms
Not built WFS UI Module2 ms
Not built WMS UI Module1 ms