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jakarta.json-api-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT-javadoc.jar649.73 KB view
jakarta.json-api-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar72.31 KB view
jakarta.json-api-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar44.17 KB view
jakarta.json-ri-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT.zip300.62 KB view
jakarta.json-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT-javadoc.jar733.81 KB view
jakarta.json-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT-module.jar112.82 KB view
jakarta.json-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar127.19 KB view
jakarta.json-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar139.10 KB view
jsonp-jaxrs-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT-javadoc.jar404.90 KB view
jsonp-jaxrs-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar18.56 KB view
jsonp-jaxrs-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar19.83 KB view
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