Eclipse ECJ - Messages

Information Messages
Parsing console log (workspace: '/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/jgit')
Post processing issues on 'default-agent-bz621' with source code encoding 'UTF-8'
Invoking GitMiner to obtain SCM blame information for affected files
Resolving absolute file names for all issues in workspace '/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/jgit'
-> 0 resolved, 0 unresolved, 10 already resolved
Resolving module names from module definitions (build.xml, pom.xml, or files)
-> resolved module names for 12 issues
Resolving package names (or namespaces) by parsing the affected files
-> resolved package names of 10 affected files
No filter has been set, publishing all 12 issues
Creating fingerprints for all affected code blocks to track issues over different builds
-> created fingerprints for 12 issues
Invoking Git blamer to create author and commit information for 10 affected files
GIT_COMMIT env = '25a6bd4d614589c968090fb506fc9b26d5c82fe2'
Git working tree = '/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/jgit'
Git commit ID = '25a6bd4d614589c968090fb506fc9b26d5c82fe2'
Job workspace = '/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/jgit'
-> blamed authors of issues in 10 files
Blaming of authors took 4 seconds
Invoking Git miner to create statistics for all available files
-> created statistics for 10 files
Mining of the Git repository took 3 seconds
Copying affected files to Jenkins' build folder '/var/jenkins_home/jobs/jgit/builds/2420/files-with-issues'
-> 10 copied, 0 not in workspace, 0 not-found, 0 with I/O error
Using reference build 'jgit #2419' to compute new, fixed, and outstanding issues
Issues delta (vs. reference build): outstanding: 12, new: 0, fixed: 0
No quality gates have been set - skipping
Health report is disabled - skipping