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  1. fixed bugs in a few of the unit tests for Jemo and started the (commit: 4264c41) (details)
  2. Added new classes to support the Eclipse Micro-profile 3.0 specification (commit: b89a11a) (details)
  3. added more code to support the eclipse microprofile 3.0 configuration (commit: d3ac6b5) (details)
  4. Worked on creating a complete test suit for the basic functionality (commit: b00ea1e) (details)
  5. Completed Unit testing for the JemoConfigProviderResolver class (commit: 67e6dfc) (details)
  6. I have completed all of the unit tests on the basic (non resource (commit: 563a3ad) (details)
  7. made changes and corrected errors in Jemo as we approach 100% code (commit: 8ccd507) (details)
  8. added complete functional test for the use of Microprofile Config (commit: f8a6eeb) (details)
  9. Microprofile 3.0 Configuration 1.3 specification support (commit: 7486831) (details)
  10. Added support for resource injection to various parts of the Jemo (commit: 1e4b4dc) (details)
  11. completed test cases and coverage requirements as well as complete (commit: f8e5b0c) (details)
  12. Changes needed to compile Jemo with Java 8. (commit: e2cb7df) (details)
  13. made changes to address errors in code base (commit: 667976c) (details)
  14. I simplify the process of releasing a new Jemo docker image by making (commit: 2a94313) (details)
  15. Added implementation for Microprofile Healthcheck 2.0 which is part of (commit: 065dd9e) (details)
  16. removed a redundant empty test for the microprofile config (commit: d184712) (details)
  17. added more exclusions to git ignore (commit: f15cbbc) (details)
  18. I commit the updated the jar for the azure runtime. (commit: f3c0a32) (details)
  19. I merge multiple gitignore files to one. (commit: 07784e3) (details)
  20. Changing the jemo-core version of the alpha branch from "1.0.7-a" to (commit: 5d31aa2) (details)
  21. Resolving merging conflicts. (commit: 1d44a37) (details)