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  1. update pom.xml - bump up jsonp-api, jsonp-ri, jsonp-jaxrs version to final (details / githubweb)

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Module Builds

Success Ant tasks0.77 sec
Success App Client Modules0.32 sec
Success GlassFish Project0.97 sec
Success GlassFish Nucleus Project0.32 sec
Success Eclipse GlassFish Parent Project0.32 sec
Success GlassFish Nucleus Parent Project9.2 sec
Success Test Utilities Modules0.29 sec
Success Verifier implementation module4.9 sec
Success GlassFish Verifier Extension Bundle0.64 sec
Success Verifier scripts0.42 sec
Success Admin Modules0.29 sec
Success admin-cli2.2 sec
Success admin-core2 sec
Success admin-util4.3 sec
Success App Server CLI Skinning Class1.8 sec
Success Appserver template0.82 sec
Success Backup Restore classes2 sec
Success admin-cli-optional1.9 sec
Success admin-config-api3.6 sec
Success Connector for GlassFish Admin REST Service1.9 sec
Success admin-launcher2.1 sec
Success admin-monitoring2 sec
Success Admin Modules0.32 sec
Success Nucleus template4.3 sec
Success GlassFish Admin REST Client2 sec
Success GlassFish Admin REST Service3.8 sec
Success GlassFish Admin REST Parent0.33 sec
Success GlassFish Admin REST Testing Framework2.1 sec
Success admin-server-management11 sec
Success Admin Console Packages1.1 sec
Success Admin Console Clustering Support Plugin2.1 sec
Success Admin Console Common3.2 sec
Success Admin Console Full distribution plugin2.1 sec
Success Admin Console Community Edition Theme Plugin2.9 sec
Success Admin Console Concurrent Plugin2 sec
Success Admin Console Corba Plugin2 sec
Success Admin Console Core Jar4 sec
Success Admin Console EJB Local (Lite) Plugin2 sec
Success Admin Console EJB Container Plugin2 sec
Success Admin Console Connectors Plugin2.1 sec
Success Admin Console JDBC Plugin2 sec
Success Admin Console JMS Plugin3.5 sec
Success Admin Console JTS Plugin2 sec
Success Admin Console Integration1.8 sec
Success Admin Console Web Container Plugin2.2 sec
Success DataProvider1.9 sec
Success Admin Console Install Fragment for Web distro0.76 sec
Success GlassFish OSGi Console Plugin2.4 sec
Success Admin Console Jackson JAXB Repackaging15 sec
Success Admin Console WAR1.1 sec
Success Admin Console Integration1.9 sec
Success ACC Config Classes (JAXB)2.7 sec
Success GlassFish appclient scripts0.42 sec
Success App Client - client-side modules0.34 sec
Success Client library (including ACC)7.8 sec
Success Client OSGi module (including ACC)4.3 sec
Success GlassFish App Client Server-side Modules0.36 sec
Success GlassFish AppClient Server-Side Connector1.7 sec
Success GlassFish AppClient Server-Side Core2.4 sec
Success Batch runtime modules for Glassfish0.24 sec
Success Batch database init scripts for GlassFish0.41 sec
Success Batch Commands for Glassfish2.4 sec
Success Batch Connector for Glassfish3.9 sec
Success Cluster0.32 sec
Success cluster-admin2.2 sec
Success cluster-cli3.8 sec
Success cluster-common1.8 sec
Success Cluster SSH Provisioning2.4 sec
Success GMS Module2 sec
Success GMS Bootstrap Module2.5 sec
Success AMX Core2.8 sec
Success AMX JavaEE2.1 sec
Success GlassFish Java EE Annotation Framework1.9 sec
Success GlassFish Common modules0.32 sec
Success Common Utilities4.1 sec
Success Container Common2.7 sec
Success Public APIs of Glassfish2.3 sec
Success Java EE dependent public APIs of Glassfish1.8 sec
Success Glassfish MBeanServer support1.9 sec
Success Glassfish Naming2 sec
Success Private APIs of Glassfish2.1 sec
Success GlassFish Nucleus Common modules0.31 sec
Success Scattered Archive APIs of Glassfish12 sec
Success Simple Public APIs of Glassfish1.6 sec
Success stats771.8 sec
Success Concurrency Utilities Modules0.3 sec
Success Concurrent Connector Module1.9 sec
Success Concurrent Implementation Module3.2 sec
Success Connectors Parent0.31 sec
Success Connectors admin2.4 sec
Success Connectors Inbound Support2 sec
Success Connectors Private APIs for GlassFish Containers2.2 sec
Success Connectors Runtime2.7 sec
Success JavaEE Connector Architecture Descriptors0.6 sec
Success GlassFish Connectors Connector1.8 sec
Success Work Management2.1 sec
Success GlassFish API Exporter Module1.6 sec
Success GlassFish API Exporter Module Fragment3.5 sec
Success Context Propagation2.1 sec
Success GlassFish Core modules0.4 sec
Success Appserver Core Bootstraping Classes2.4 sec
Success GlassFish Extra JRE Packages0.65 sec
Success Java EE related distributions kernel Classes1.9 sec
Success Kernel Classes3.6 sec
Success Nucleus Logging Classes2.2 sec
Success GlassFish Nucleus Core modules0.31 sec
Success Set of DTDs for GlassFish Java EE distributions0.46 sec
Success Set of schemas for Java EE0.69 sec
Success GlassFish Deployment Related Modules0.33 sec
Success Deployment Related Admin Classes2.1 sec
Success AutoDeploy Classes1.9 sec
Success Deployment Related Common Classes2.6 sec
Success Deployment Related JavaEE Core Classes1.9 sec
Success Deployment Related JavaEE Full Profile Classes2.1 sec
Success Deployment Object Library6.2 sec
Success JSR-88 JAR and dist. fragment0.32 sec
Success GlassFish Nucleus Deployment Related Modules0.32 sec
Success Set of DTDs for Nucleus distributions0.42 sec
Success Set of schemas for Nucleus0.33 sec
Success JSR-88 implementation declaration JAR0.68 sec
Success JSR-88 dist. fragment0.48 sec
Success Diagnostics API1.7 sec
Success GlassFish Diagnostics Context2.1 sec
Success Diagnostics0.32 sec
Success Glassfish Atomic Distribution19 sec
Success Glassfish distributions0.3 sec
Success Glassfish Distribution27 sec
Success GlassFish distribution Common module0.68 sec
Success Nucleus distribution Common module4.5 sec
Success Nucleus distributions0.34 sec
Success Nucleus Distribution15 sec
Success Glassfish Web Distribution22 sec
Success GlassFish EJB container related modules0.32 sec
Success EJB tier for GlassFish0.29 sec
Success GlassFish Core EJB Client1.7 sec
Success GlassFish Core EJB container implementation4.6 sec
Success Full EJB Container add-ons2.3 sec
Success EJB container Internal API1.8 sec
Success GlassFish EJB timer app database init scripts0.54 sec
Success EJB Timer Service Application3.2 sec
Success EJB Container connector for Glassfish1.9 sec
Success GlassFish appserv-rt.jar0.62 sec
Success GlassFish appserv-rt distribution fragment0.46 sec
Success GlassFish appserv-rt Manifest pom0.3 sec
Success GlassFish Extras modules0.32 sec
Success Embedded GlassFish Shell3.7 sec
Success Embedded GlassFish Shell dist. fragment0.54 sec
Success Embedded GlassFish Shell Jars0.29 sec
Success Embedded GlassFish Static Shell10 sec
Success Embedded GlassFish Static Shell dist. fragment0.37 sec
Success GlassFish javaee.jar0.6 sec
Success GlassFish javaee.jar distribution fragment0.48 sec
Success GlassFish JavaEE Manifest pom0.31 sec
Success Glassfish Nucleus Atomic Featureset0.29 sec
Success Glassfish featuresets0.32 sec
Success Glassfish Featureset0.32 sec
Success Glassfish Nucleus Featureset0.32 sec
Success Glassfish featuresets0.31 sec
Success Glassfish Web Featureset0.25 sec
Success flashlight-agent0.61 sec
Success GlassFish Flashlight Client1.9 sec
Success GlassFish Flashlight Extra JDK Pkgs0.62 sec
Success flashlight-framework2 sec
Success Flashlight0.31 sec
Success Flashlight0.3 sec
Success Grizzly Glassfish Extra modules0.3 sec
Success GlassFish Grizzly adapter container implementation1.9 sec
Success Glassfish Grizzly extra jars Combining2.1 sec
Success grizzly-config4.8 sec
Success GlassFish Nucleus Grizzly modules0.31 sec
Success Nucleus Grizzly jars Combining5.8 sec
Success GlassFish HA modules0.3 sec
Success GlassFish ha-file-store1.6 sec
Success GlassFish ha-shoal-cache-bootstrap1.7 sec
Success GlassFish ha-shoal-store2.2 sec
Success HK2 configuration reader generator module14 sec
Success HK2 config types4 sec
Success Glassfish Nucleus HK2 Modules87 ms
Success HK2 configuration module8 sec
Success Tiger types- type arithmetic library for Java537 sec
Success JDBC Module0.31 sec
Success JDBC admin2.3 sec
Success JDBC Config Module1.9 sec
Success JDBC Runtime Module7.5 sec
Success JDBC Templates0.54 sec
Success JDBC Resource Adapter0.28 sec
Success Core JDBC Resource Adapter classes2.2 sec
Success Distribution Module for JDBC Resource Adapter0.89 sec
Success JDBC 40 related classes for JDBC Resource Adapter2 sec
Success JMS Connector Module for Runtime1.8 sec
Success JMS Injection Module for Runtime2.3 sec
Success GlassFish JMS modules0.32 sec
Success JMS admin2.3 sec
Success JMS Module2.7 sec
Success JMS GlassFish System RA Assembly1.5 sec
Success LDAP Booster Pack1.7 sec
Success Java binding for libpam.so1.8 sec
Success Load Balancer Internal API1.9 sec
Success GlassFish Load-Balancer Plugin related modules0.31 sec
Success Load-Balancer admin2.6 sec
Success GlassFish ORB related modules0.31 sec
Success GlassFish ORB connector implementation2.2 sec
Success GlassFish ORB enabler implementation1.9 sec
Success GlassFish ORB interface layer implementation2.3 sec
Success Apache Felix, associated bundles and conf files20 sec
Success Felix Web Console Extension for GlassFish2.6 sec
Success Admin CLI, interactive OSGi shell command2.4 sec
Success Admin CLI bridge command to the OSGi Shell2.8 sec
Success Console extensions for OSGi platforms0.28 sec
Success OSGi Container1.7 sec
Success Distribution Fragments for various OSGi platforms0.28 sec
Success Declaring EclipseLink dependencies0.32 sec
Success Entity Bean container2.2 sec
Success Connector for JPA runtime in glassfish1.9 sec
Success GlassFish Oracle JDBC Packages0.68 sec
Success JPA container for glassfish2 sec
Success GlassFish persistence related modules0.3 sec
Success Common persistence code between JPA and CMP1.9 sec
Success GlassFish cmp related modules0.31 sec
Success CMP tier for GlassFish0.28 sec
Success ejb-mapping module for cmp2.1 sec
Success enhancer module for cmp2.3 sec
Success Database Generator module for cmp2 sec
Success internal-api module for cmp2 sec
Success model module for cmp2.5 sec
Success GlassFish cmp scripts0.41 sec
Success support ejb module for cmp3.2 sec
Success support-sqlstore module for cmp10 sec
Success utility module for cmp2 sec
Success nucleus.resources1.9 sec
Success Jakarta Mail Resources Support related modules0.32 sec
Success Jakarta Mail Connector2.1 sec
Success GlassFish Jakarta Mail runtime1.9 sec
Success GlassFish Resources infrastructure related modules0.32 sec
Success Resources Connector2.2 sec
Success GlassFish resources runtime1.9 sec
Success Appclient Security Integration2.1 sec
Success Ejb Security Integration2.2 sec
Success A Pluggable InMemory JACC Provider1.9 sec
Success Jaspic Provider Framework2.3 sec
Success Nucleus Security Parent0.32 sec
Success Security Core Classes3.2 sec
Success Security Related Implementation for GlassFish0.32 sec
Success Java EE Security Core Classes2.7 sec
Success Security Services and SPI2.8 sec
Success GlassFish Security Parent0.32 sec
Success GlassFish SSL Implementation Module1.8 sec
Success WebTier Security Integration2.1 sec
Success WebServices Security and JSR 196 implementation2.5 sec
Success GlassFish Tests related modules0.33 sec
Success Test utilities0.99 sec
Success nucleus.tests.utils-ng0.73 sec
Success JTA Implementation for Glassfish2 sec
Success JTS Implementation for Glassfish3.6 sec
Success GlassFish Transaction modules0.28 sec
Success Transaction Service Internal API1.8 sec
Success cdi-api Fragment0.61 sec
Success Connector for GlassFish Web Container1.8 sec
Success Weld connector for glassfish2 sec
Success Jersey MVC TLD connector implementation module2.3 sec
Success JSF implementation connector module2.6 sec
Success JSP caching taglib connector module2.1 sec
Success JSTL implementation connector module2.4 sec
Success Web Container Common Utilities2.4 sec
Success GlassFish Web container related modules0.31 sec
Success Web module command line interface2.3 sec
Success Core Servlet Container4.3 sec
Success GlassFish Web container embedded related modules0.31 sec
Success GlassFish Web container Embedded APIs1.7 sec
Success Web Container glue code6.2 sec
Success Web container and GUI plug-in common classes1.8 sec
Success Web Container HA code2.3 sec
Success Web Container Naming Utilities3.4 sec
Success Server-Sent Events4.8 sec
Success Web Related Implementations for GlassFish0.31 sec
Success Weld integration for glassfish3.3 sec
Success Weld Integration Fragment1.7 sec
Success Fragment bundle for Weld related testing0.63 sec
Success JSR-109 implementation to deploy Metro6.6 sec
Success GlassFish Metro Related Fragments0.77 sec
Success GlassFish Metro Glue Code2.6 sec
Success SOAP/TCP integration code2.5 sec
Success GlassFish Web Services related modules0.26 sec
Success Connector for GlassFish Web Services Container2.6 sec
Success GlassFish webservices scripts0.42 sec