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Project TCK_JAXR_PREP_(GF_Integration)

Running the JAXR TCK requires a UDDI Registry (ex. JWSDP). The easiest way to satisfy this requirement is to do the following: 1. After running this "TCK_JAXR_PREP_(GF_Integration)" job, the modified glassfish.zip is an artifact of that build. For example, https://jenkins.eclipse.org/jakartaee-stable/job/TCK_JAXR_PREP_(GF_Integration)/12/artifact/glassfish.zip 2. Copy the URL for that glassfish.zip artifact and enter it as the first parameter on the standalone certification job. (https://ci.eclipse.org/jakartaee-tck/job/eftl-standalonetck-certification/) Use the following parameters... STANDALONETCK_BUILD: EFTL_JAKARTAEE8_PROMOTED PROFILE: FULL JAKARTAEE_TCKS: Check this box TCKS_TO_RUN: jaxr JAF_TCK: Leave unchecked DSOL_TCK: Leave unchecked 3. Start the build. This will take about 20-25 minutes. You should results for both the signature tests and the full jaxr TCK.
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