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Build History
dry run for EPL for release build, restore EPL for snapshot
Dry run, copy EFSL into release build and merge, restore EPL on snapshot branch
EFSL dry run with copy...
Another dry run for EPL/EFSL parameter selection
Dry run for EPL/EFSL
Dry run for 9.0.0-RC2
Looking better! Cleaning up the poms a bit...
Another personal build attempting to get javadoc built correctly...
Trying to build with personal branch (after modifying script)
dry run with personal branch
Didn't work since the build script doesn't process the BRANCH parameter for a personal branch build...
proper staging repo, staging id, and set for overwrite...
9.0.0-RC1 with updated staging name and id...
9.0.0-RC1 for Platform and Web Profile APIs
Dry Run for 9.0.0-RC1
kws-re-build due to the JSP API update (also includes two commits to make nightlies work again...)
kws-dry run-just making sure that things are still okay...
kws-re-build with proper "jakarta." artifactId
kws-try again after Sonatype issue resolved (permissions for staging profile)
kws-updated jacc and other dependencies
kws-priming the build pump to ensure everything works. Still waiting on Faces and JSTL updates in pom.
kws-Dry Run of jakartaee-api

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