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Building in workspace /home/hudson/genie.gmf-runtime/.jenkins/jobs/
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/genie.gmf-runtime/
+ cd /home/data/httpd/
+ du -csh I201611241746 I201611251746 I201611261746 I201611271746 I201611281746 I201611291747 I201611301747 I201612011746 I201612021747 I201612031746 I201612041746 I201612051746 I201612061746 I201612071747 I201612081746 I201612091746 I201612101746 I201612111746 I201612121747 I201612141747 I201612151746 I201612161746 I201612171747 I201612181746 I201612191746 I201612201746 I201612211746 I201612221748 I201612231746 I201612241745 I201612251745 I201612261746 I201612271745 I201612281745 I201612291745 I201612301746 I201612311745 I201701011746 I201701021746 I201701101032 I201701101746 I201701111746 I201701121746 I201701131746 I201701141746 I201701151746 I201701161746 I201701171746 I201701181746 I201701191746 I201701201745 I201701211746 I201701221745 I201701231746 I201701240932 I201701241745 I201701251746 I201701261746 I201701271746 I201701281745 I201701291745 I201701301747 I201701311750 I201702011751 I201702021746 I201702031745 I201702041745 I201702051642 I201702051745 I201702061745 I201702071746 I201702081746 I201702091613 I201702091639 I201702091704 I201702091745 I201702101746 I201702111746 I201702121746 I201702131746 I201702141052 I201702141746 I201702151747 I201702161746 I201702171747 I201702181745 I201702191745 I201702201745 I201702211747 I201702221746 I201702231524 I201702231746 I201702241746 I201702251746 I201702261745 I201702271746 I201702281746 I201703011754 I201703021320 I201703021747 I201703021848 I201703031745 I201703031846 I201703041746 I201703041846 I201703051746 I201703051846 I201703071745 I201703071846 I201703081746 I201703081847 I201703091745 I201703091845 I201703101745 I201703111746 I201703111845 I201703121645 I201703121746 I201703131705 I201703131747 I201703141650 I201703141747 I201703151648 I201703151750 I201703161646 I201703161747 I201703171648 I201703171746 I201703181646 I201703181746 I201703191646 I201703191746 I201703201646 I201703201746 I201703211646 I201703211746 I201703221646 I201703221747 I201703231648 I201703241646 I201703241745 I201703251647 I201703251746 I201703261645 I201703261746 I201703271645 I201703271746 I201703281646 I201703281746 I201703291645 I201703291748 I201703301646 I201703301746 I201703311648 I201703311748 I201704011646 I201704011746 I201704021645 I201704021746 I201704031646 I201704031746 I201704041646 I201704041745 I201704051645 I201704051746 I201704061646 I201704061746 I201704071645 I201704071746 I201704081646 I201704081746 I201704091646 I201704091746 I201704101645 I201704101746 I201704111649 I201704111747 I201704121645 I201704121746 I201704131646 I201704131747 I201704141646 I201704141746 I201704151646 I201704151746 I201704161646 I201704161746 I201704171646 I201704171745 I201704181646 I201704181746 I201704191646 I201704191746 I201704201646 I201704201746 I201704211645 I201704211746 I201704221646 I201704221747 I201704231646 I201704231746 I201704241113 I201704241645 I201704241746 I201704251647 I201704251747 I201704261647 I201704261746 I201704271647 I201704271748 I201704281647 I201704281747 I201704291647 I201704291747 I201704301646 I201704301747 I201705011647 I201705011747 I201705021649 I201705021747 I201705031647 I201705031747 I201705041647 I201705041747 I201705051647 I201705051747 I201705061648 I201705061747 I201705071647 I201705071747 I201705081647 I201705081747 I201705091648 I201705091748 I201705101647 I201705101747 I201705111648 I201705111747 I201705121647 I201705121747 I201705131647 I201705131747 I201705141647 I201705141747 I201705151647 I201705151747 I201705161650 I201705161748 I201705171648 I201705171748 I201705181647 I201705181747 I201705191649 I201705191749 I201705201647 I201705201747 I201705211647 I201705211747 I201705221647 I201705221747 I201705231649 I201705231750 I201705241648 I201705241758 I201705251649 I201705251747 I201705261650 I201705261748 I201705271647 I201705271748 I201705281646 I201705281747 I201705291647 I201705291747 I201705301648 I201705301747 I201705311704 I201705311749 I201706011647 I201706011747 I201706021648 I201706021747 I201706031647 I201706031747 I201706041647 I201706041747 I201706051747 I201706060750 I201706061653 I201706061752 I201706071708 I201706071805 I201706081648 I201706081747 I201706091649 I201706091750 I201706101647 I201706101747 I201706111646 I201706111747 I201706121652 I201706121749 I201706131650 I201706131748 I201706141652 I201706141751 I201706151647 I201706151747 I201706161647 I201706161747 I201706171647 I201706171748 I201706181647 I201706181747 I201706191647 I201706191747 I201706201650 I201706201747 I201706211647 I201706211747 I201706221747 I201706231646 I201706231747 I201706241647 I201706241748 I201706251647 I201706251749 I201706261647 I201706261747 I201706271647 I201706271747 I201706281647 I201706281747 I201706291647 I201706291800 I201706301647 I201706301747 I201707011647 I201707011747 I201707021647 I201707021747 I201707031647 I201707031747 I201707041647 I201707041747 I201707051647 I201707051747 I201707061651 I201707061749 I201707071647 I201707071747 I201707081647 I201707081747 I201707091647 I201707091747 I201707101649 I201707101747 I201707111647 I201707111747 I201707121649 I201707121750 I201707131647 I201707131747 I201707151649 I201707151746 I201707161649 I201707161747 I201707171647 I201707171751 I201707181648 I201707181747 I201707191647 I201707191746 I201707201651 I201707201746 I201707211647 I201707211747 I201707221650 I201707221748 I201707231647 I201707231747 I201707241648 I201707241747 I201707251647 I201707251747 I201707261647 I201707261746 I201707271647 I201707271747 I201707281647 I201707281747 I201707291648 I201707291747 I201707301647 I201707301746 I201707311647 I201707311747 I201708011647 I201708011747 I201708021647 I201708021747 I201708031647 I201708031747 I201708041647 I201708041747 I201708051649 I201708051747 I201708061647 I201708061747 I201708071647 I201708071747 I201708081647 I201708081747 I201708091748 I201708101747 I201708111747 I201708121748 I201708131747 I201708141747 I201708151746 I201708161747 I201708170815 I201708171636 I201708181639 I201708191637 I201708201636 I201708211636 I201708221636 I201708231639 I201708241636 I201708251636 I201708261636 I201708271636 I201708281636 I201708291636 I201708301637 I201708311636 I201709011638 I201709021636 I201709031636 I201709041639 I201709071648 I201709081636 I201709091636 I201709101638 I201709111636 I201709131641 I201709141637 I201709151637 I201709161637 I201709171637 I201709251316 I201709251636 I201709271636 I201709281636 I201709291636 I201709301636 I201710011636 I201710021636 I201710031638 I201710041636 I201710051636 I201710061636 I201710071637 I201710081636 I201710091637 I201710101636 I201710250951 I201710261223
18M	I201611241746
18M	I201611251746
18M	I201611261746
18M	I201611271746
18M	I201611281746
18M	I201611291747
18M	I201611301747
18M	I201612011746
18M	I201612021747
18M	I201612031746
18M	I201612041746
18M	I201612051746
18M	I201612061746
18M	I201612071747
18M	I201612081746
18M	I201612091746
18M	I201612101746
18M	I201612111746
18M	I201612121747
18M	I201612141747
18M	I201612151746
18M	I201612161746
18M	I201612171747
18M	I201612181746
18M	I201612191746
18M	I201612201746
18M	I201612211746
18M	I201612221748
18M	I201612231746
18M	I201612241745
18M	I201612251745
18M	I201612261746
18M	I201612271745
18M	I201612281745
18M	I201612291745
18M	I201612301746
18M	I201612311745
18M	I201701011746
18M	I201701021746
18M	I201701101032
18M	I201701101746
18M	I201701111746
18M	I201701121746
18M	I201701131746
18M	I201701141746
18M	I201701151746
18M	I201701161746
18M	I201701171746
18M	I201701181746
18M	I201701191746
18M	I201701201745
18M	I201701211746
18M	I201701221745
18M	I201701231746
18M	I201701240932
18M	I201701241745
18M	I201701251746
18M	I201701261746
18M	I201701271746
18M	I201701281745
18M	I201701291745
18M	I201701301747
18M	I201701311750
18M	I201702011751
18M	I201702021746
18M	I201702031745
18M	I201702041745
18M	I201702051642
18M	I201702051745
18M	I201702061745
18M	I201702071746
18M	I201702081746
18M	I201702091613
18M	I201702091639
18M	I201702091704
18M	I201702091745
18M	I201702101746
18M	I201702111746
18M	I201702121746
18M	I201702131746
18M	I201702141052
18M	I201702141746
18M	I201702151747
18M	I201702161746
18M	I201702171747
18M	I201702181745
18M	I201702191745
18M	I201702201745
18M	I201702211747
18M	I201702221746
18M	I201702231524
18M	I201702231746
18M	I201702241746
18M	I201702251746
18M	I201702261745
18M	I201702271746
18M	I201702281746
18M	I201703011754
18M	I201703021320
18M	I201703021747
18M	I201703021848
18M	I201703031745
18M	I201703031846
18M	I201703041746
18M	I201703041846
18M	I201703051746
18M	I201703051846
18M	I201703071745
18M	I201703071846
18M	I201703081746
18M	I201703081847
18M	I201703091745
18M	I201703091845
18M	I201703101745
18M	I201703111746
18M	I201703111845
18M	I201703121645
18M	I201703121746
18M	I201703131705
18M	I201703131747
18M	I201703141650
18M	I201703141747
18M	I201703151648
18M	I201703151750
18M	I201703161646
18M	I201703161747
18M	I201703171648
18M	I201703171746
18M	I201703181646
18M	I201703181746
18M	I201703191646
18M	I201703191746
18M	I201703201646
18M	I201703201746
18M	I201703211646
18M	I201703211746
18M	I201703221646
18M	I201703221747
18M	I201703231648
18M	I201703241646
18M	I201703241745
18M	I201703251647
18M	I201703251746
18M	I201703261645
18M	I201703261746
18M	I201703271645
18M	I201703271746
18M	I201703281646
18M	I201703281746
18M	I201703291645
18M	I201703291748
18M	I201703301646
18M	I201703301746
18M	I201703311648
18M	I201703311748
18M	I201704011646
18M	I201704011746
18M	I201704021645
18M	I201704021746
18M	I201704031646
18M	I201704031746
18M	I201704041646
18M	I201704041745
18M	I201704051645
18M	I201704051746
18M	I201704061646
18M	I201704061746
18M	I201704071645
18M	I201704071746
18M	I201704081646
18M	I201704081746
18M	I201704091646
18M	I201704091746
18M	I201704101645
18M	I201704101746
18M	I201704111649
18M	I201704111747
18M	I201704121645
18M	I201704121746
18M	I201704131646
18M	I201704131747
18M	I201704141646
18M	I201704141746
18M	I201704151646
18M	I201704151746
18M	I201704161646
18M	I201704161746
18M	I201704171646
18M	I201704171745
18M	I201704181646
18M	I201704181746
18M	I201704191646
18M	I201704191746
18M	I201704201646
18M	I201704201746
18M	I201704211645
18M	I201704211746
18M	I201704221646
18M	I201704221747
18M	I201704231646
18M	I201704231746
18M	I201704241113
18M	I201704241645
18M	I201704241746
18M	I201704251647
18M	I201704251747
18M	I201704261647
18M	I201704261746
18M	I201704271647
18M	I201704271748
18M	I201704281647
18M	I201704281747
18M	I201704291647
18M	I201704291747
18M	I201704301646
18M	I201704301747
18M	I201705011647
18M	I201705011747
18M	I201705021649
18M	I201705021747
18M	I201705031647
18M	I201705031747
18M	I201705041647
18M	I201705041747
18M	I201705051647
18M	I201705051747
18M	I201705061648
18M	I201705061747
18M	I201705071647
18M	I201705071747
18M	I201705081647
18M	I201705081747
18M	I201705091648
18M	I201705091748
18M	I201705101647
18M	I201705101747
18M	I201705111648
18M	I201705111747
18M	I201705121647
18M	I201705121747
18M	I201705131647
18M	I201705131747
18M	I201705141647
18M	I201705141747
18M	I201705151647
18M	I201705151747
18M	I201705161650
18M	I201705161748
18M	I201705171648
18M	I201705171748
18M	I201705181647
18M	I201705181747
18M	I201705191649
18M	I201705191749
18M	I201705201647
18M	I201705201747
18M	I201705211647
18M	I201705211747
18M	I201705221647
18M	I201705221747
18M	I201705231649
18M	I201705231750
18M	I201705241648
18M	I201705241758
18M	I201705251649
18M	I201705251747
18M	I201705261650
18M	I201705261748
18M	I201705271647
18M	I201705271748
18M	I201705281646
18M	I201705281747
18M	I201705291647
18M	I201705291747
18M	I201705301648
18M	I201705301747
18M	I201705311704
18M	I201705311749
18M	I201706011647
18M	I201706011747
18M	I201706021648
18M	I201706021747
18M	I201706031647
18M	I201706031747
18M	I201706041647
18M	I201706041747
18M	I201706051747
18M	I201706060750
18M	I201706061653
18M	I201706061752
18M	I201706071708
18M	I201706071805
18M	I201706081648
18M	I201706081747
18M	I201706091649
18M	I201706091750
18M	I201706101647
18M	I201706101747
18M	I201706111646
18M	I201706111747
18M	I201706121652
18M	I201706121749
18M	I201706131650
18M	I201706131748
18M	I201706141652
18M	I201706141751
18M	I201706151647
18M	I201706151747
18M	I201706161647
18M	I201706161747
18M	I201706171647
18M	I201706171748
18M	I201706181647
18M	I201706181747
18M	I201706191647
18M	I201706191747
18M	I201706201650
18M	I201706201747
18M	I201706211647
18M	I201706211747
18M	I201706221747
18M	I201706231646
18M	I201706231747
18M	I201706241647
18M	I201706241748
18M	I201706251647
18M	I201706251749
18M	I201706261647
18M	I201706261747
18M	I201706271647
18M	I201706271747
18M	I201706281647
18M	I201706281747
18M	I201706291647
18M	I201706291800
18M	I201706301647
18M	I201706301747
18M	I201707011647
18M	I201707011747
18M	I201707021647
18M	I201707021747
18M	I201707031647
18M	I201707031747
18M	I201707041647
18M	I201707041747
18M	I201707051647
18M	I201707051747
18M	I201707061651
18M	I201707061749
18M	I201707071647
18M	I201707071747
18M	I201707081647
18M	I201707081747
18M	I201707091647
18M	I201707091747
18M	I201707101649
18M	I201707101747
18M	I201707111647
18M	I201707111747
18M	I201707121649
18M	I201707121750
18M	I201707131647
18M	I201707131747
18M	I201707151649
18M	I201707151746
18M	I201707161649
18M	I201707161747
18M	I201707171647
18M	I201707171751
18M	I201707181648
18M	I201707181747
18M	I201707191647
18M	I201707191746
18M	I201707201651
18M	I201707201746
18M	I201707211647
18M	I201707211747
18M	I201707221650
18M	I201707221748
18M	I201707231647
18M	I201707231747
18M	I201707241648
18M	I201707241747
18M	I201707251647
18M	I201707251747
18M	I201707261647
18M	I201707261746
18M	I201707271647
18M	I201707271747
18M	I201707281647
18M	I201707281747
18M	I201707291648
18M	I201707291747
18M	I201707301647
18M	I201707301746
18M	I201707311647
18M	I201707311747
18M	I201708011647
18M	I201708011747
18M	I201708021647
18M	I201708021747
18M	I201708031647
18M	I201708031747
18M	I201708041647
18M	I201708041747
18M	I201708051649
18M	I201708051747
18M	I201708061647
18M	I201708061747
18M	I201708071647
18M	I201708071747
18M	I201708081647
18M	I201708081747
18M	I201708091748
18M	I201708101747
18M	I201708111747
18M	I201708121748
18M	I201708131747
18M	I201708141747
18M	I201708151746
18M	I201708161747
18M	I201708170815
18M	I201708171636
18M	I201708181639
18M	I201708191637
18M	I201708201636
18M	I201708211636
18M	I201708221636
18M	I201708231639
18M	I201708241636
18M	I201708251636
18M	I201708261636
18M	I201708271636
18M	I201708281636
18M	I201708291636
18M	I201708301637
18M	I201708311636
18M	I201709011638
18M	I201709021636
18M	I201709031636
18M	I201709041639
18M	I201709071648
18M	I201709081636
18M	I201709091636
18M	I201709101638
18M	I201709111636
18M	I201709131641
18M	I201709141637
18M	I201709151637
18M	I201709161637
18M	I201709171637
18M	I201709251316
18M	I201709251636
18M	I201709271636
18M	I201709281636
18M	I201709291636
18M	I201709301636
18M	I201710011636
18M	I201710021636
18M	I201710031638
18M	I201710041636
18M	I201710051636
18M	I201710061636
18M	I201710071637
18M	I201710081636
18M	I201710091637
18M	I201710101636
18M	I201710250951
18M	I201710261223
8.2G	total
Started calculate disk usage of build
Finished Calculation of disk usage of build in 0 seconds
Started calculate disk usage of workspace
Finished Calculation of disk usage of workspace in 0 seconds
Finished: SUCCESS