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[Sat Oct 24 03:42:00 EDT 2020] Starting branch indexing...
03:42:01 Connecting to using eclipse-glsp-bot/****** (GitHub bot (username/token))
Examining eclipse-glsp/glsp-client

  Checking branches...

  Getting remote branches...

    Checking branch master

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      ‘Jenkinsfile’ found
    Met criteria
No changes detected: master (still at c3aad4e2691888d79812838e47ff24d789e59dae)

    Checking branch issue-112
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    Met criteria
No changes detected: issue-112 (still at 8c0b101cb4c2bc574a9e66ff17f6dde5fcb98696)

    Checking branch issues/84

  3 branches were processed

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    Checking pull request #90
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No changes detected: PR-90 (still at fade24b968e139edcf8d5f417286d6fc9ad6805d+c3aad4e2691888d79812838e47ff24d789e59dae (7e0d79f8ddb30b80fe6749849a73eaf1d2a2b15f))

  1 pull requests were processed

Finished examining eclipse-glsp/glsp-client

[Sat Oct 24 03:42:03 EDT 2020] Finished branch indexing. Indexing took 2.9 sec
Evaluating orphaned items in eclipse-glsp » glsp-client
Will not remove PR-89 because it is new
Finished: SUCCESS