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[Sun Feb 28 14:40:00 EST 2021] Starting branch indexing...
14:40:00 Connecting to using eclipse-glsp-bot/****** (GitHub bot (username/token))
Examining eclipse-glsp/glsp-server

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    Checking branch master

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No changes detected: master (still at d1f7a419d3eddee1a310b7dfe003c5d4a01c0620)

    Checking branch 0.8.0-release
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No changes detected: 0.8.0-release (still at 83baa287967a0de2fd342e8aad8ff5e4fa196afb)

    Checking branch planger/issues/194

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    Checking pull request #100
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No changes detected: PR-100 (still at d245a60aaf5259872ac981bf74fcc46ddedf06b8+d1f7a419d3eddee1a310b7dfe003c5d4a01c0620 (07f4e82227fadb8d814b6b8404dae717b7b87101))

  1 pull requests were processed

Finished examining eclipse-glsp/glsp-server

[Sun Feb 28 14:40:02 EST 2021] Finished branch indexing. Indexing took 2 sec
Evaluating orphaned items in eclipse-glsp » glsp-server
Will not remove PR-99 because it is new
Will not remove PR-98 because it is new
Finished: SUCCESS