1. Fix #2791: HttpRangeReader swallows 404s (details)
  2. Add note to CHANGELOG (details)
Commit 22762254ed66303aafa8be89525f0d77b4058c93 by andy
Fix #2791: HttpRangeReader swallows 404s
HttpRangeReader now throws with an HttpStatusException if the server
responds with any 4xx or 5xx status code.
The file was modifiedspark/src/main/scala/geotrellis/spark/store/http/util/HttpRangeReader.scala (diff)
The file was modifiedspark/src/test/scala/geotrellis/spark/store/http/util/HttpRangeReaderSpec.scala (diff)
Commit acdf7ce0a30bf87d310d57556aabe884be0105d8 by andy
Add note to CHANGELOG
The file was modifieddocs/CHANGELOG.rst (diff)