1. Allow implicit conversions on SaveToS3 Array[Byte] (details)
Commit 943543877aa23253c4caf05d9d9af59c90655fd4 by andy
Allow implicit conversions on SaveToS3 Array[Byte]
Allows for easier discoverability of the saveToS3 methods on RDD[(K, V)]
at the expense of the possibility that for some conversion types it
won't be serializable by Spark. If this occurs, its up to the caller to
perform an explicit conversion to Array[Byte] as before.
The file was modifieds3-spark/src/main/scala/geotrellis/spark/store/s3/SaveToS3Methods.scala (diff)
The file was modifieds3-spark/src/main/scala/geotrellis/spark/store/s3/SaveToS3.scala (diff)
The file was modifieds3-spark/src/main/scala/geotrellis/spark/store/s3/Implicits.scala (diff)